10 miracles for your hair

Imagine warn nights, long summer drinks and the distinct smell of holiday – welcome to a spray of Argan Secret Miracle ‘10’. The hair dryer provides the warm air, the glass of wine; the long summer drink and leave the rest to your own imagination – oh I’m such a dreamer!

This is one of many leave-in spray treatments I have over the years tried. Many are too heavy, too greasy, too leave –in – you get the picture. This however of defiantly different. Apart from the wonderful smell – which lasts just long enough for you to enjoy and then disappears into the night like the toned and tanned edonus you saw earlier at the bar! It leaves your hair feeling light, fresh and beautiful.

It’s called Miracle ‘10’ – that’s a big word miracle. However it does back up this statement by telling you what it will do – so lets examine the claims.

  • ·      Moisturises all hair types – some would say its hard not to with the list of nourishing ingredients
  • ·      Protects hair during thermal styling – I’m guessing that means blow drying and in my world the              compulsory straighteners
  • ·      Gives brilliant shine – my hair has never had such a gloss that lasts all day
  • ·      Detangles – I spent a couple of days on a very windy, salty aired beech the other weekend and my          hair unusually was pretty tangle free
  • ·      Controls frizziness – ticked for me the same weekend as the detangles
  • ·      Seals in hair colour – is this a polite way of saying it wont fade the dyed bits?
  • ·      Strengthens hair – can only e a plus
  • ·      Prevents split ends – so far no visible sign of a split end since my last cut a couple of weeks ago
  • ·      Shields hair from sun and wind damage – is this the same as 4 & 5
  • ·      Absorbs quickly with out greasiness – yes

 All in all I’d award it 9/10. I’d minus the 1 point for application. You spray it on your hair and its quite a wide spray that if missed has a tendency to mark your wall. It does fade, but on mine has left a small dot pattern to the left of the mirror. I now spray in the bathroom – problem solved.

There are some may things listed as ingredients, but most do read as reasonably natural. There are plenty of fruit extracts and nut extracts along with water, hemp and fennel.

It retails around £14.00 for a 118ml plastic bottle, so great for taking on holiday to apply on dry or wet hair to get all the benefits listed about and you never know the tanned adonus may just stick around the bar!