The magic of Mosaique

Thank you Clarins for a beautiful Summer Bronzing Compact. It’s about the size of the palm of my hand, if not slightly bigger – perhaps on the large size for dropping in the bottom of your handbag? Having said that I’d happily buy a bigger bag!

Once you take it out of the classic red Clarins box it reveals itself as a caramel/golden red compact with the beautiful mosaic motif embossed in the lid and shinning through like Grecian jewel. Open the lid and it further reveals itself with a useable mirror and the soft scent of Clarins Eau Sunshine – just adding to the glamorous summer feel of this product. 

The compact has the beautiful mosaic pattern laid out before you, revealing the multi toned bronzing powder that glides effortlessly over your face, neck and chest to offer a super sheen finish that lasts all day and well into the night. Applied with the chunkiest brush you own it gives a natural, even and lightly tanned healthy glow to your skin – that all over sun kissed look we love all year round. I truly believe it’s a bronzer that can be used in the winter months as well with out looking unnatural.

With the addition of natural minerals it provides UV protection with SPF10, helping to protect you from the suns harmful rays.

A summer, spring, autumn and I think winter must have for £26.00 that will only leave you with one question to answer – is it to beautiful to actually use?

Isn’t it What’s Inside That Counts?

They taste and smell of cherry. A true British Summer smell and one that for me just sums up life if I was Laura and living in Larkrise! I’m not, but it still smells lovely and tastes ok too.

With 8 shades this Colour Quenching Lip Balm offers a choice to suit everyone, every outfit and every fashion statement of 2011.

01 Pink Marshmallow

02 Peach Nectar

03 Candy Pink

04 Raspberry Smoothie

05 Delicious Plum

06 Sweet Papaya

07 Strawberry Sorbet

08 Sweet Fig

I tried Peach Nectar, Raspberry Smoothie and Sweet Fig. All great shades that offered a really nice dollop of lip quenching care, transparency and fruity luminous colour. I know I’ve just contradicted myself, but trust me you get colour and transparency. I have no idea how; you just do and I guess because of this it works really well as an over gloss for your normal cream lipsticks. It just adds a little more dimension and great gloss. Out of the three my favorite is Raspberry Smoothie, it works well for my colouring and gives me a hint of colour and glossy luscious lips that are great for the day through to the evening. I also quite like a thin layer of Sweet fig with a layer of Raspberry Smoothie over the top. It’s a bit like a two ball ice cream when you can’t decide which two to have!

 This Lip Balm comes in a tube and for me it’s quite a big design/packaging floor. They are great for cheap as chips glosses that you drop in the bottom of your handbag, use for a few weeks and then throw away when they’ve gone sticky. Not in my opinion for a £15.00 Lip Balm. They just get sticky around the top and I find I’m forever having to wipe the top and clean out the lid. Why Clarins do you insist on putting a superb Lip Balm in a cheap tube? Just because it’s got a gold coloured top and Clarins written on the side doesn’t make it bad design proof.


Inside the dodgy tube are some really nice lip moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Wild Mango and Olive perhydrosqualene that will soften and Vitamin A and E to repair your lips. 

Overall I like this Lip Balm, I’d like it more if it wasn’t in a tube, but for a summer Lip Balm that keeps my lip soft and helps to repair them it’s a good addition to anyone’s makeup bag.

First Prize Goes to…


No surprise when you try ‘their returned by very popular demand’, Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm.

Looks amazing, wears amazingly and smells amazing.

They have re introduced 3 shades, if I can call them shades, 01 Crystal Coral, 02 Crystal and 03 Crystal Red. The word Crystal is key; they are crystal in looks, so much so in fact at first it’s a bit of a shock. The Crystal Red I tried is a very dark almost burgundy red that looks like a bullet shaped piece of raw redcurrant flavored jelly. 01 Crystal Coral looks like mandarin jelly and 02 has no jelly equivalent – it’s just a very lovely pale pink colour.

As with all Clarins products style is of the essence and unlike most lip balms this is presented as a lipstick rather than a lip balm in a tin. We’ve all had to from time to time use our nail to extract the balm from the bottom of the tin! Not a pleasant thing for any of us to have to do. However with this you simply apply as you would a normal lipstick, which is in the classic Clarins silver case that any girl, myself included, is smugly proud to use in public! 

So I’m happy to report it looks cool and tastes as sweet as a fruit pastel, but just seems to disappear off your lips. At first I was a little bit shocked that the colour of the actual lipstick is far removed from the actual colour that applies to your lips. With the Crystal Red you get a very subtle and feminine depth to your lips and with anything like this the more you add the deeper it appears. However it just disappears. Its as though it soaks into your lips, which does mean that your lips become incredibly soft, but I seem to be constantly applying it to try and keep the small amount of colour it gives me. I can only guess the Crystal Coral would be similar and Crystal would just give you a lovely soft sheen. All that said, this lip balm gives you all you could wish for this summer, silky smooth lips, and the transparency of a gloss and the subtle colour of a sheer lipstick. All three colours are being offered as a limited edition, so please girls go out an buy at least one of them, if for nothing more than to have the ultimate posh lip balm in your handbag.

Visit you’re nearest Clarins counter and swap £16.50 of your hard earned cash for this summers must have lip balm.

Would you put Cantaloupe Melon on your skin?

Clarins always seem to find the most amazing natural products that not only have out of this world skin enhancing properties but also smell divine.

This product is designed for those of us that don’t want to wear foundation everyday or a sun-tan lotion that we reserve for our holidays but do still want to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.  It can obviously also be worn under your daily moisturiser and or foundation as well as on its own - It reminds me a little of their Beauty Flash Balm but with added SPF40.

One of the things I do find confusing about beauty products in general but in particular with Clarins is the amount of products that seem to do the same if not very similar things. I do understand (before you all start shouting at me) that they have to cater for different skin types, but even so if I look at just a small selection of the products available most do seem to either do similar things or have similar properties. If I take this Ecran Multi-Protection SPF40 Day Screen High Protection – to give it it’s full name, I could put it under or over my moisturizer or instead of, under my foundation or just wear it on its own. I’m also guessing I could wear it with the Beauty Flash Balm I mentioned earlier! I just find I have to really read what the product is and then work out where it goes in the “I’m putting my face on” process!

That said this is lovely to wear. At first I think it washes me out slightly, but as it settles onto my skin I find my natural colour and freckles come through. If I put it under my Clarins Skin Illusions Foundation it provides a really smooth surface to apply it to and does seem to settle the foundation onto my skin with a slightly more even tone. Its oil free too so your not left with a shinny film or heavy feeling on your skin.

So were does the Cantaloupe Melon come in? Well it provides the super oxide dismutase (SOD), which is an enzyme that neautralises the toxic oxidants that ages our skin prematurely. By encapsulating this in microcapsules Clarins can make sure this is only released when its applied to the skin which gives us maximum potency (can I make a childish joke about us all liking maximum potency?) in turn this means its one of the most effective products in the Clarins range for anyone that’s out and about this summer and who’s favorite day cream doesn’t give them SPF protection. It also looks after those with ultra sensitive skin to UV light and pregnant women who are quite prone to UV-induced hyper-pigmentation.

On top of all this it also gives your skin its very own environmental shield! In addition to the Cantaloupe Melon it has extracts of white tea, succory dock-cress (nipplewart), rhodiola (a herb known for its anti-aging properties) venuceane (a natural antioxidant peptide) and glycofilm (anionic polysaccharide) all of these help protect our skin from the pollution that occurs in our air today. (You start of with simple Cantaloupe Melon and end up with a chemistry lesson – sorry)

So lets summerise. If your looking for a small 30ml bottle costing £29.50 that can make your skin look smooth and fantastic, that you can wear on its own or under your favorite daily moisturiser and or foundation, that has a SPF of 40, help minimize aging and smells of melon this is the product for you …. I think!


Today it’s all about Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation SPF10

I’m new to wearing foundation and so far have tried a couple and talked to a lot of my girlfriends who tell me it’s a very personal choice. It all seems to depend upon the weather, what they are doing that day and how their skin is feeling in general. Seems very complicated and a little unnecessary to me. But then what do I know! As I said I’m new to this foundation wearing.

The one thing Clarins always gets right is the presentation and this product is no exception. In its striking red box with clear white text it instantly gives you an understand of its style and sophistication. Open the box and you are delighted with a perfectly sized square glass bottle with a gold top complete with thumb print notch on one edge to house a simple C. For a foundation bottle its sexy and one I would definitely display on my dressing table.

Its packed full of goodness for your skin with a cocktail of minerals and plant extracts that aim to give your skin the illusion of a natural and flawless complexion. Something I’m pleased to report it actually does. I’m lucky I think, through out my teenage years spots were something that didn’t plague me and as a result my skin is pretty clear, apart from a broken vein or two on my cheek and the usual areas that are a slightly different shade, oh and my freckles which I like. This Skin Illusion Foundation however just gave me a completely even skin tone that allowed my natural colour to radiate through. I’m lead to believe this is the mineral silicon from Brazil that helps to fill and smooth small lines but adds a subtle opalescent glow to your skin tone. 

From France they harvest pink algae that’s rich in active silicon, which helps the skin appear more plump and energises the cells for better hydration and as a result a more supple and younger looking skin. Brown algae extract and acacia gum help to lock in the skins natural moisture to reduce dehydration and acts as a reservoir of moisture that is released through out the day. Finally it has a protective barrier against pollution, oxidants and UV through the use of white tea extract and succory dock-cress or nipplewort as it’s more commonly known.

I’ve learnt a lot about foundation on this journey and have now accepted that its not just about how it applies, looks and feels but also that the range of colour available can be the deciding factor. Too few colours are as bad as too many. Clarins offer 10 shades to suit the palest of complexions to the darkest.

103 Ivory

104 Cream

105 Nude

107 Beige

108 Sand

109 Wheat

110 Honey

111 Toffee

112 Amber

113 Chestnut

As I’ve just mentioned how it applies is very important. I do find it easier to apply with either my fingers or a damp brush. I found with this foundation my fingers gave a more even and transparent result and meant I reduced the risk of any tidemarks around the neck, hairline and ears. Not a good look! However the flip side to that is I found it didn’t stay on all day. As the day progressed I found the coverage thinned and towards the afternoon I had to just touch up a couple of key areas around my ‘T’ section.  Its not a huge criticism as it applies so easily and feels like liquid silk and after a day in the office we all have to touch up the face before heading off for a drink after work.

As with all Clarins products it retails at the slightly higher end of the high street market. This foundation is £24.00 for the 30ml glass bottle with pump. I’m certain though when you’ve tried it you’ll also agree its £24.00 well spent.

Am I now a foundation user? Yes I do believe I am and this one will certainly be on my list of likes. Will I wear it day to day? Not convinced I will be, I will definitely wear it when I go out and want to present a flawless naturally health complexion with minimum fuss.

Thank you Clarins for introducing me to this Skin Illusion Foundation SPF10. or call 0800 036 3558 to find your nearest stockist.