Summer Essentials

Ultra Sun Professional Protection - protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and wage a war on wrinkles.

Designed to be an alternative to your daily moisturising lotion the Ultra Sun High 30 SPF Professional Protection is free from perfume, emulsifiers and preservatives and is designed to be anti-aging. In a nutshell it is designed to protect you from all the harmful suns rays we all know about and a wealth of ones we didn’t even know existed. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plump the skin and minimise’s the loss of the skins natural moisture.

It comes in a glove box friendly sized 500ml and 100ml with a secure cap that satisfyingly clicks into place, hopefully avoiding those terrible moments of when you realise the lid isn’t on properly and the contents have deposited themselves in the bottom of your glove box. Retailing at £19.00 it sits middle of the road on price, but when you consider that you only need apply once in a day it makes for a very affordable and effective sun protection/daily moisturiser.

Also available in the range are a Sports Medium 20 protection, designed for the outdoor sports people amongst us, 30 SPF Super Sensitive ideal for those who suffer from prickly heat and other irritating heat related conditions and 50+ SPF for babies and children. All are available in either a non-sticky cream or pump spray. Both are absorbed easily and relatively quickly into your skin leaving no white residual or sticky feeling that makes you want to wash it off as quick as you put it on. 

Don't Forget!

Also make a small space for the Ultra Lip Medium 15 SPF. Enriched with blackcurrant seed oil it gives you a smooth translucent protection that doubles really nicely as a moisturising lipstick to give you a naturally healthy look to your lips. It will also help smooth rough chapped lips and works well as a base for your coloured lipstick. Retailing at £5.00 it’s more than a match for most good quality lip balms, but with the added benefits of really protecting your lips against the sun, wind and cold winter weather conditions for girls and boys.