Get a tan with out looking like you Gran!

Only tanatomicals would dare to call a body tanning lotion by this name – but I love it. I’ve tried a few things now by the anatomical guys and girls – some have been more successful than others granted, but they never fail to amuse me.

This time I’m sent a bright orange box that tells me my gran would have said moderation was the order of the day and she’d have had 18 children! My gran never believed in moderation and one child was more than enough for her! Inside the colour theme is followed through to the bright copper coloured 125ml tube with more wish words about your gran and the effects of the sun.

This is not a build up lightly fake tan, this is a - I look like gravy browning and I give you a good honest colour that lasts all day and night and doesn’t rub off on your clothes or even the bed sheets” fake tan.

It has a holiday smell so when your applying it you can imagine relaxing on a golden beach turning over every 30 minutes to get that ever so even rich colour. Warning – you need to be in striking distance of a sink with the tap already turned on and ideally someone waiting to drop a blob of soap in the palm of your hands. When I say its like gravy browning I mean the thick treacle variety of gravy browning. When I was a little girl we had a white dog – I wanted a brown one, so one day after his bath I took a packed of gravy powder and shook it all over him and then cried because he didn’t look like Sammy any more! I was 4, but when I first looked at this tanatomicals on my hands I was transported back 1972 and the horror on my mothers face when she realized what I’d done!

What I really like about this tan in a bottle is that it’s so easy to apply and you really don’t need hours of preparation that involves sanding machines and body scrubs. You just need to make sure you have nice smooth skin and apply it in 2 thin layers. 1 works, but I think a second application about 5 minutes after the first just gives you a really even good colour.  It also moisturises your skin and leaves a very fait fruity smell rather than a chemically one I often find with other fake tans.

I’ve used it mostly on my legs and arms. I have tried it on my chest and tummy – both worked but for me it’s about the bits that are on show to the world. The rest I’m happy to be a last year’s faint hint of a tan colour, knowing I still have my holiday of 2011 to come.

There is a definite trend with the anatomical range – their products offer great value for money, they do as they say they will and they never over promises but always deliver. I’ve found my fake tan sole mate.




Somethings are just meant to be together

Tea and biscuits, fish and chips and roast beef and gravy. Can we say the same about hand cream and lip balm?

I’m not that convinced however anatomicals are out to prove me wrong. They have combined an aloe vera based hand and lip balm into one 30ml tube.

Don’t misunderstand me I’m not adverse to unusual combinations - pickled onion monster munch, salad cream sandwiches and jam on Yorkshire pudding are some of the odd combinations I quite like, but a hand cream and lip balm in one?

anatomicals have stayed true to their bold packaging this time bright lime green and witty slogans/comments. They say the combination is handier than sitting next to someone who can fly a plane when the pilot has just died and something about a tranquiliser gun and a rhino. Inside the lime green box is a grass green tube with a clear top with what looks like a roller ball in the end. All very conventional so far and a little underwhelming.

I was on my way out the other afternoon and just wanted something to moisturise my lips and give them a smooth feel. I picked up the tube, removed the clear top and squeezed the tube whilst rolling the end over my lips. Nothing happened. I removed the lid to make sure there wasn’t a seal that I had to remove and tried again. It was only after a few minutes that I realised the ball on the end was actually the lip balm!

Functionally it does work, as obviously you do only have to carry one tube in preference to two in your handbag. On the down side you look like you have a really BIG lip problem when you fish out of your bag not a sleek, discreet lip balm, but a bright grass green tube and proceed to spread it around your lips 

From a lip balm point of view it dried mine out as quick as I could apply it. From a hand cream point of view its fantastic, leaving a really nice soft, protective none greasy layer on your hands that actually feels as though it’s feeding your skin with all things lovely.

For £4.00 I’d buy it for the hand cream and maybe remove the lip balm like you would a spot on a teenagers face!

Lets agree to disagree anatomicals. I think you’ve added another great hand cream to the market place and in turn slightly lost your way on the inventive front.

I wish you better luck with your next attempt at combination therapy.


anatomicals - the company that only want you for your body

The colour of the tin and the word headache written across it should have been enough to tell me this was going to smell of Lavender and potentially quite strongly - mixed with Peppermint and a very pungent smell that made my eyes water slightly. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to anatomicals headache relief balm – a balm designed to be rubbed on your temples at the first sign of a headache from a company that’s tag line is “we only want you for your body”.

The pocket sized box and tin are smart and have an originality about them - a product that actually says what it does on the tin. It almost has an 'Innocent Smoothie' or 'Original Source' look and feel about it. Clean, modern and simple, however, I wish I could say the same thing for the website. The word strange and out of context spring to mind, maybe this is the image they are looking for? Take a look at

I have a theory that we all too easily reach for painkillers when we have even the slightest dull ache of a potential headache. Not in itself a bad thing, apart from asking ourselves the question “could we find an alternative that might be a little more natural?” I must point out at this stage I’m not saying this product is natural, at no point have I been able to find anything that tells me it is, however there is a strong implication that it may be when you read the list of ingredients that are at least recognisable, such as Extra Virgin Oil, Garden Yellow Beeswax, Rosehip Extract, Oil of Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Mandarin and Sandalwood and Calendula Extract. Then we have CI9140 and 15985 (any ideas?)

I love natural remedies for every day ailments such as headaches and with an odd satisfaction I woke on Sunday morning with that oh so recognizable dull pain (for those that have read my review on GOSH Light’N Shine Lip Glaze this will make sense!). Quickly I applied the balm to my temples with small circular movements that in it’s self seemed to help. After the initial eye watering and overcoming of the intense smell I felt a warm sensation that seemed to permeate through my temples and defiantly eased the ache. Once the initial intense smell had eased slightly it did leave a soothing almost comforting smell that continued to help me feel better. I can’t say it made my headache go away completely but what it did do was make it manageable and allowed me to continue with my day of Easter egg eating and generally enjoying the long weekend.

What I will conclude is that this is something that I think makes a difference to me having or more importantly not having a headache. I'll use again and it's defiantly one of those items that will be dropped in my bag         (a handy 20g tin for £3.49 you could have one for each handbag!) and taken with me just incase.

 Oi! You Throbhead Headache Relief Balm is available now from John Lewis, Heal’s and