anatomicals - the company that only want you for your body

The colour of the tin and the word headache written across it should have been enough to tell me this was going to smell of Lavender and potentially quite strongly - mixed with Peppermint and a very pungent smell that made my eyes water slightly. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to anatomicals headache relief balm – a balm designed to be rubbed on your temples at the first sign of a headache from a company that’s tag line is “we only want you for your body”.

The pocket sized box and tin are smart and have an originality about them - a product that actually says what it does on the tin. It almost has an 'Innocent Smoothie' or 'Original Source' look and feel about it. Clean, modern and simple, however, I wish I could say the same thing for the website. The word strange and out of context spring to mind, maybe this is the image they are looking for? Take a look at

I have a theory that we all too easily reach for painkillers when we have even the slightest dull ache of a potential headache. Not in itself a bad thing, apart from asking ourselves the question “could we find an alternative that might be a little more natural?” I must point out at this stage I’m not saying this product is natural, at no point have I been able to find anything that tells me it is, however there is a strong implication that it may be when you read the list of ingredients that are at least recognisable, such as Extra Virgin Oil, Garden Yellow Beeswax, Rosehip Extract, Oil of Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Mandarin and Sandalwood and Calendula Extract. Then we have CI9140 and 15985 (any ideas?)

I love natural remedies for every day ailments such as headaches and with an odd satisfaction I woke on Sunday morning with that oh so recognizable dull pain (for those that have read my review on GOSH Light’N Shine Lip Glaze this will make sense!). Quickly I applied the balm to my temples with small circular movements that in it’s self seemed to help. After the initial eye watering and overcoming of the intense smell I felt a warm sensation that seemed to permeate through my temples and defiantly eased the ache. Once the initial intense smell had eased slightly it did leave a soothing almost comforting smell that continued to help me feel better. I can’t say it made my headache go away completely but what it did do was make it manageable and allowed me to continue with my day of Easter egg eating and generally enjoying the long weekend.

What I will conclude is that this is something that I think makes a difference to me having or more importantly not having a headache. I'll use again and it's defiantly one of those items that will be dropped in my bag         (a handy 20g tin for £3.49 you could have one for each handbag!) and taken with me just incase.

 Oi! You Throbhead Headache Relief Balm is available now from John Lewis, Heal’s and

What do Chunky Cherry, Super Strawberry and Fuller Fig have in common?

They are just some of the tantalizing names given by Clinique to their new range of Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balms. 

Launching in time for the Easter bunny to add a little something extra to our Easter treats, these pleasantly plump and playful moisturising lip balms will delight us girlies from mid April, when its officially released on the 15th into our favorite high street stores.

Designed to evoke memories of childhood colouring crayons, the playful packaging makes for a fun addition to your makeup bag. Mega Melon, Richer Raison, Woppin’ Watermelon, Graped-up and Whole Lotta Honey complete the line up of shades from nudes to pretty pinks and deep purples. Designed to offer moisture and a hint of soft shine these lip colour balms will see you though Spring and Summer with style and a pout only ‘Posh’ could dream of!

I tried three of the shades, Mega Melon, Richer Raison and Woppin’ Watermelon. First impressions are slightly disappointing. I was expecting a feeling of fun but with a hint of ‘grown up.’ The box is of course full Clinique style, but somehow I was looking for a chunkier, shorter packaging to begin the experience of playfulness. Take them out of the box and it does start to give you more of that fun feeling. Remove the silver lid and that’s it complete. This is a grown up crayon disguised as a lipstick!  (All you mummy’s be careful if you have a tendency to pop your children’s crayons in your handbag, nobody wants bright green lips!)

The colours are interesting. The Richer Raison looks Mahogany Brown, the Mega Melon Orange and the Woppin’ Watermelon just very Pink - I have to admit I’m slightly nervous about the Richer Raison! But I’m about to slap it on and give it a whirl…

Love, Love, Love all of them. Some would argue that they don’t deliver what they promise. I’m really pleased they don’t! The Richer Raison gives you a soft natural beige-ish shimmer. There is little or no sign of the deep Mahogany Brown I dreaded. Instead you are left with a healthy looking colour that just enhances your natural lip colour. Mega Melon does still have a glimmer of orange about it. Perhaps I’m being a little unfair as it’s more of a peach. I’m certain with a less pale skin it would look fabulous. I have freckles so it’s a bit orange for my skin colour at the start of the summer. Perhaps its one of those colours that as the sun continues to shine and we all have a healthy glow it will be a better look for me. I’m now left with the Woppin’ Watermelon. Pink has and will always be my favourite colour - for everything and this doesn’t disappoint. It’s light, pretty and very girly. It gives a healthy summer moisturised look to your lips that just make you want to pout that little but more than you usually do! Woppin’ WaterMelon is my favourite but all three win my vote as fantastic colours for the coming spring and summer months.

Highly moisturised they make your lips feel great. Clinique have used their wealth of experience to blend decadent butters, oils and antioxidants to help protect and pamper your lips. Instantly they feel soft and this feeling lasts all day. Infused with Shea Butter, Mango Seed Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil they deliver a blast of moisturisation, leaving your lips soft, supply and smooth.

The colours do change as you apply through out the day. I love the idea that a single application will give you slight colour and shine for the early morning healthy look. As the day progresses and you reapply it intensifies and gives a stronger colour, more suitable to the harder colours of the day’s sunshine and life in a busy office. With one final application it takes them to an evening lip colour balm. The colour becomes deep and strong, still however offering a very feminine look that will certainly take you to the pub for a glass of Chardonnay and on to supper in your favourite bistro later that evening.

Through out it moisturies and continues to amuse with its crayon-esque look and feel. The more you use the more you twist the silver base to expose more childlike fun. Oh and I should mention they retail at £13.50 and if you have as many bad purchases of ‘over sticky’ moisturizing lipsticks in your make up bag as I do, I can assure you this £13.50 will not add to that collection.

Summer Essentials

Ultra Sun Professional Protection - protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and wage a war on wrinkles.

Designed to be an alternative to your daily moisturising lotion the Ultra Sun High 30 SPF Professional Protection is free from perfume, emulsifiers and preservatives and is designed to be anti-aging. In a nutshell it is designed to protect you from all the harmful suns rays we all know about and a wealth of ones we didn’t even know existed. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plump the skin and minimise’s the loss of the skins natural moisture.

It comes in a glove box friendly sized 500ml and 100ml with a secure cap that satisfyingly clicks into place, hopefully avoiding those terrible moments of when you realise the lid isn’t on properly and the contents have deposited themselves in the bottom of your glove box. Retailing at £19.00 it sits middle of the road on price, but when you consider that you only need apply once in a day it makes for a very affordable and effective sun protection/daily moisturiser.

Also available in the range are a Sports Medium 20 protection, designed for the outdoor sports people amongst us, 30 SPF Super Sensitive ideal for those who suffer from prickly heat and other irritating heat related conditions and 50+ SPF for babies and children. All are available in either a non-sticky cream or pump spray. Both are absorbed easily and relatively quickly into your skin leaving no white residual or sticky feeling that makes you want to wash it off as quick as you put it on. 

Don't Forget!

Also make a small space for the Ultra Lip Medium 15 SPF. Enriched with blackcurrant seed oil it gives you a smooth translucent protection that doubles really nicely as a moisturising lipstick to give you a naturally healthy look to your lips. It will also help smooth rough chapped lips and works well as a base for your coloured lipstick. Retailing at £5.00 it’s more than a match for most good quality lip balms, but with the added benefits of really protecting your lips against the sun, wind and cold winter weather conditions for girls and boys.