Mario Kart

When you think of Mario Kart, you think of whacky characters, bright tracks and of course the little red capped man himself. The latest version of this crazy game, now released on the Wii, definitely does not disappoint.

Whilst most will find it easier, and obviously a lot more fun to use the newly introduced Wii Wheel, you also have the option to use either the remote on its own, or a combination of the remote and the nunchuck to steer. Of course, the most fun method is the wheel, allowing people to physically steer, rather than the old fashioned way of looking rather special as you literally turn your controller in a vain attempt to move the car in the desired direction. It never really worked did it?

One of the best aspects of the game is the online play. As well as being able to play against your friends over the internet, you can play against people all around the world giving you the chance to get a place on the worldwide leader boards. This is not only fun, but a challenge as racers are selected at random from anywhere in the world, pitting you against expert racers and more casual players.

In single player mode, there is a whole host of things to unlock including plenty of new tracks and of course, extra characters from other Nintendo games from the past and present. The only downside to single player mode is that in order to unlock every single CC race in each cup, you must complete the previous cup in each CC mode. This can be quite a laborious task, having to complete the same cup 3 times, but that isn’t to say that single player isn’t fun. With four cups already open to you before you’ve even entered your first race, you certainly won’t be at a loss for things to do, even if you find the cups hard to beat in the beginning.

True to the previous games in the series, collecting power-ups are key to victory. These are scattered about the race tracks, some stationary, some moving, but each offering a quirky power-up such as the classic banana skins to throw on the road for your opponents to slip up on or the newly added bullet which can give you a super boost if you’re lagging behind!

In terms of the games overall difficulty level, this is mostly dependant on the track you are playing, and your overall personal level of experience in such games. Experienced gamers, or those familiar with the ported tracks may find this a doddle, but even the later levels such as Bowser’s Castle may leave some stuck.  Difficulty can also be dependant upon the control style you have chosen. The key to winning is finding the control method that suits you and collecting those power-ups!

Over all, Mario Kart Wii is an excellent addition to anyone’s Wii collection, and a sure fire hit for parties as it’s easy for anyone to just pick up and play.