Get a tan with out looking like you Gran!

Only tanatomicals would dare to call a body tanning lotion by this name – but I love it. I’ve tried a few things now by the anatomical guys and girls – some have been more successful than others granted, but they never fail to amuse me.

This time I’m sent a bright orange box that tells me my gran would have said moderation was the order of the day and she’d have had 18 children! My gran never believed in moderation and one child was more than enough for her! Inside the colour theme is followed through to the bright copper coloured 125ml tube with more wish words about your gran and the effects of the sun.

This is not a build up lightly fake tan, this is a - I look like gravy browning and I give you a good honest colour that lasts all day and night and doesn’t rub off on your clothes or even the bed sheets” fake tan.

It has a holiday smell so when your applying it you can imagine relaxing on a golden beach turning over every 30 minutes to get that ever so even rich colour. Warning – you need to be in striking distance of a sink with the tap already turned on and ideally someone waiting to drop a blob of soap in the palm of your hands. When I say its like gravy browning I mean the thick treacle variety of gravy browning. When I was a little girl we had a white dog – I wanted a brown one, so one day after his bath I took a packed of gravy powder and shook it all over him and then cried because he didn’t look like Sammy any more! I was 4, but when I first looked at this tanatomicals on my hands I was transported back 1972 and the horror on my mothers face when she realized what I’d done!

What I really like about this tan in a bottle is that it’s so easy to apply and you really don’t need hours of preparation that involves sanding machines and body scrubs. You just need to make sure you have nice smooth skin and apply it in 2 thin layers. 1 works, but I think a second application about 5 minutes after the first just gives you a really even good colour.  It also moisturises your skin and leaves a very fait fruity smell rather than a chemically one I often find with other fake tans.

I’ve used it mostly on my legs and arms. I have tried it on my chest and tummy – both worked but for me it’s about the bits that are on show to the world. The rest I’m happy to be a last year’s faint hint of a tan colour, knowing I still have my holiday of 2011 to come.

There is a definite trend with the anatomical range – their products offer great value for money, they do as they say they will and they never over promises but always deliver. I’ve found my fake tan sole mate.




Is it a case of now you see it now you don’t?

I like the idea of Fade Out Nourishing Night Cream. I’ve used the eye version now for a few months and if you read my articles you’ll know that I liked it and it worked for me. So I was excited when I was asked to try the night cream version.

It works in a similar way, by reducing the transfer of melanin into the upper layers of your skin. Us girls can be prone to developing small darker patches on our skin, especially our faces, its just another one of those things we have to put up with – a bit like stray eye brows and big pants! Well Fade Out have decided those days are over and released their night wonder cream.

Packaged with the typical clinical feeling that seems to be popular at the moment. The white and shades of blue deliver the message that this is a no nonsense product that demands to be taken seriously.

As some of you will know I have freckles. As I’ve got older they have faded, but somehow grown. I should clarify they are all as they should be and the sun I do expose them to has not caused any nasty effects. It’s just the way my freckles have changed as my skin and age have progressed through life.

I should also add that I have a bit of a phobia about really thick, sticky creams on my face. I don’t care if it promises the earth and I’ll look like Kyle in the morning – if its thick and gooey it’s not going on my face. So imagine how horrified I was when I open the 50ml pot to reveal the purest of white, odorless, thick looking cream. I braced myself and stuck my finger in. It was ok, it felt as light as a feather, it absorbed into the back of my hand as thought I’d added water, but left behind a clear smooth feeling that wasn’t sticky or heavy or well anything. It had gone, disappeared into my skin. So feeling brave I applied a generous amount to my face and neck – remember girls it’s our neck after the backs of our hands gives our ages away! It went on well, smoothly covering the skin and feeling as though it was being absorbed as I massaged it in. So far so good – or not. That’s when it started to have a heavy almost cloggy feeling. I felt as though I’d but a tone of old fashioned cold cream on my face. But then all of a sudden that seemed to pass and I was left with smooth skin and freshly made bed to jump into. Strange, but fleeting so manageable.

The following morning my skin felt lovely. All soft and hydrated. My eyes felt a little puffy so I think I may have applied the cream slightly too close to my eye contour area, but apart from that I was impressed. No over night eruptions of spots, no sticky, hot skin and no signs of faded freckles or other small imperfections being reduced. It was the first night maybe I’d expected a little too much?!

So for about 3 weeks now I’ve applied as instructed and the results are pretty good. The freckles seem to be standing the test of time, but all the other little skin discolorations I have are fading and I do think my skin looks fresher and brighter.

The clever bit is all about the active natural ingredients such as mulberry and liquorice and how the cream penetrates into the deep layers of your skin repairing, correcting and defending for the future or is that defending against the future? Either way this one works. I’m not getting bogged down in why, just take it from me its good and Boots I’m sure will tell you its selling like hot cakes and for £8.00 I’m not surprised.

I never knew the French for leg was La Jambe

I also never knew I liked sushi or the solution to dry skin on my legs - That is until NIP + FAB wowed me again. Last time it was with their Frown Fix and this time with their Dry Leg Fix. 

Lets start with the negative (the only negative) – Big box hides medium sized tube! I’m not sure the green message is quite being heard at N+P HQ. Look inside and the 100ml tube sits comfortably in half the box, they even add an extra piece of cardboard running down the length of the box so that the tube doesn’t rattle around! Anyway that aside I truly can’t find a single fault with the actual product.

Housed in a trendy white and line green tube this intensive formula gives you 24-hour hydration and a slight shine to your legs that I think enhances your natural/out of a bottle tan. It has a smell of summer, mixed with a hint of gooseberry fool! – Or is that my imagination? It’s quickly absorbed leaving a silky smooth finish that lasts all day. The addition of Shea Butter makes it really easy to apply – it doesn’t have that thickness about it that means it takes an age to work in. Also the added glycerin helps to build renewed skin cells that are intensely hydrated in turn helping to reduce small lines and imperfections.

To buy it’s a few pence over £10.00 from Boots the Chemists, so about middle pricing for a high street body moisturiser. It should be £100.00 a tube it really is that good. I recommended buying two of their Frown Fix, this time buy three of their Dry Leg Fix. No legs should venture outside with out this tender loving care being applied. 

You wont be disappointed girls – I promise.



Rich, faithful and smooth

You know when something just does what its supposed to do? And you get that satisfied feeling, almost quite smug. Well that’s what I felt when I started using Skin Doctors supermoist spf30+ accelerator cream. As is my experience with all their products it has a prescriptive feeling about it. Like its never not going to do what it says! Skin doctors use the word “Cosmeceuticals” when I looked this up Wikapedia said, “Cosmeceuticals refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits”. I then looked up purporting (just in case!) - Appear or claim to be or do something. English Language lesson over I can concentrate on telling you just how lovely this product really is to use.

Over the years I’ve tried many super rich, super moisturising, super anti aging creams and most have been heavy, greasy, brought me out in spots and all have had a strange oily smell disguised with an over powering floral perfume. This one is definitely different. Its very rich to touch, almost silky in look and feel, it glides on your skin as if its part of you, absorbs quickly and leaves no residual at all. Oh and it smells of nothing, not a waft of floral or oil or green grass cuttings with a hint of meadow chamomile! Nothing. 

The packaging is not the girliest and it’s certainly more Swedish clinical bathroom than French boudoir dressing table, but that aside it’s functional and delivers the small 50ml glass jar to you in one piece.

Inside the jar contains the supermoist cream I’ve just raved about. It works great as a base for your foundation and with light reflecting particles it just gives your skin a healthy glowing look and dare I say a younger look too! On a serious note it has an SP factor of 30+, so it’s essential for helping you to protect your skin against harmful UV rays and the ageing effects of the sun. 

SKIN Doctors is getting a cult following – Demi Moore is said to use nothing else and it’s even reported that Tom Jones is a fan! – Praise indeed 

John Lewis, Debenhams and Boots are the high street stores were you could pick up your own jar or visit www.skindoctors.co.uk to see the full range of SKIN DOCTORS products. Oh I forgot; it costs £24.95 a small price to pay for something so lovely.



Would you put Cantaloupe Melon on your skin?

Clarins always seem to find the most amazing natural products that not only have out of this world skin enhancing properties but also smell divine.

This product is designed for those of us that don’t want to wear foundation everyday or a sun-tan lotion that we reserve for our holidays but do still want to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.  It can obviously also be worn under your daily moisturiser and or foundation as well as on its own - It reminds me a little of their Beauty Flash Balm but with added SPF40.

One of the things I do find confusing about beauty products in general but in particular with Clarins is the amount of products that seem to do the same if not very similar things. I do understand (before you all start shouting at me) that they have to cater for different skin types, but even so if I look at just a small selection of the products available most do seem to either do similar things or have similar properties. If I take this Ecran Multi-Protection SPF40 Day Screen High Protection – to give it it’s full name, I could put it under or over my moisturizer or instead of, under my foundation or just wear it on its own. I’m also guessing I could wear it with the Beauty Flash Balm I mentioned earlier! I just find I have to really read what the product is and then work out where it goes in the “I’m putting my face on” process!

That said this is lovely to wear. At first I think it washes me out slightly, but as it settles onto my skin I find my natural colour and freckles come through. If I put it under my Clarins Skin Illusions Foundation it provides a really smooth surface to apply it to and does seem to settle the foundation onto my skin with a slightly more even tone. Its oil free too so your not left with a shinny film or heavy feeling on your skin.

So were does the Cantaloupe Melon come in? Well it provides the super oxide dismutase (SOD), which is an enzyme that neautralises the toxic oxidants that ages our skin prematurely. By encapsulating this in microcapsules Clarins can make sure this is only released when its applied to the skin which gives us maximum potency (can I make a childish joke about us all liking maximum potency?) in turn this means its one of the most effective products in the Clarins range for anyone that’s out and about this summer and who’s favorite day cream doesn’t give them SPF protection. It also looks after those with ultra sensitive skin to UV light and pregnant women who are quite prone to UV-induced hyper-pigmentation.

On top of all this it also gives your skin its very own environmental shield! In addition to the Cantaloupe Melon it has extracts of white tea, succory dock-cress (nipplewart), rhodiola (a herb known for its anti-aging properties) venuceane (a natural antioxidant peptide) and glycofilm (anionic polysaccharide) all of these help protect our skin from the pollution that occurs in our air today. (You start of with simple Cantaloupe Melon and end up with a chemistry lesson – sorry)

So lets summerise. If your looking for a small 30ml bottle costing £29.50 that can make your skin look smooth and fantastic, that you can wear on its own or under your favorite daily moisturiser and or foundation, that has a SPF of 40, help minimize aging and smells of melon this is the product for you …. I think!


Summer Essentials

Ultra Sun Professional Protection - protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and wage a war on wrinkles.

Designed to be an alternative to your daily moisturising lotion the Ultra Sun High 30 SPF Professional Protection is free from perfume, emulsifiers and preservatives and is designed to be anti-aging. In a nutshell it is designed to protect you from all the harmful suns rays we all know about and a wealth of ones we didn’t even know existed. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plump the skin and minimise’s the loss of the skins natural moisture.

It comes in a glove box friendly sized 500ml and 100ml with a secure cap that satisfyingly clicks into place, hopefully avoiding those terrible moments of when you realise the lid isn’t on properly and the contents have deposited themselves in the bottom of your glove box. Retailing at £19.00 it sits middle of the road on price, but when you consider that you only need apply once in a day it makes for a very affordable and effective sun protection/daily moisturiser.

Also available in the range are a Sports Medium 20 protection, designed for the outdoor sports people amongst us, 30 SPF Super Sensitive ideal for those who suffer from prickly heat and other irritating heat related conditions and 50+ SPF for babies and children. All are available in either a non-sticky cream or pump spray. Both are absorbed easily and relatively quickly into your skin leaving no white residual or sticky feeling that makes you want to wash it off as quick as you put it on. 

Don't Forget!

Also make a small space for the Ultra Lip Medium 15 SPF. Enriched with blackcurrant seed oil it gives you a smooth translucent protection that doubles really nicely as a moisturising lipstick to give you a naturally healthy look to your lips. It will also help smooth rough chapped lips and works well as a base for your coloured lipstick. Retailing at £5.00 it’s more than a match for most good quality lip balms, but with the added benefits of really protecting your lips against the sun, wind and cold winter weather conditions for girls and boys.