A look of style and sophistication

There is something about how the colour of the packaging can instantly tell you or make you believe that a product is going to be a certain way and Filorga Serum anti-age absolute is no exception. It looks stylish, sophisticated and expensive. It has that air of ‘spa’ about it, that feeling of not having to tell you how much it is! 

It retails at around £55.00 for a 30ml very smart looking bottle/pump. Cast away the dark brown/black and white box to reveal a white and pearl pump with an interesting way of opening, which eventually reveals the actual pump. I can see it tucked inside the neck but I can’t get at it! I pull, push and finally twist before it pops up like a jack-in-a-box at a children’s party.

I pump the top and nothing happens apart from the inner tube of pearl rises inside the clear outer casing, leaving you with no mistaking how much you are using or how little you have left. Eventually after a number of pumps and a good cm of pearl inner tube later and the pure white gentle looking cream is dispensed. All very spa in an - at home kind of way! 

Designed for the mid to late 40 something’s market; it offers an alternative to more invasive surgery or surgical like treatments. The ant-age range delivers an innovative and reliable alternative in the form of an aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery rolled into a light cream that provides a tingling sensation when applied to the skin.

I think we must all remember that ageing is a process of nature and I’m not convinced there really is anything, we can use at home, that will really stop the ageing process or it signs. However I do believe this product is capable of temporarily reducing the signs. It might even provide a longer term solution if you’re lucky and if you’ve been lucky enough to nip - pun not intended, things in the bud at the first signs.  I missed this boat – I think it passed quickly in the night and I woke with the signs comfortable sitting on my face! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look bad for 40 something, its just I think my neck that gives me away. So, I’ve religiously been applying this serum everyday on my neck and I can see definite results. When I first put it on it gives a slight tightening sensation - perhaps this is the 55 unique ingredients working or just me standing and waiting to see if I can feel anything. Who knows, what I do know is that over the first 10-15 minutes the skin on my neck defiantly changes in appearance and once absorbed it makes applying any other cream easier and gives me an overall feeling of temporarily cheating mother nature – we all like to get one up on her don’t we girls!

I have to say I think this is a product that offers a real outcome to an aging problem. I’m not going to go as far as to say this will stop the signs of ageing – I don’t even think that’s what’s its designed to do- but it will reduce the signs and make your skin appear and feel smoother, tighter and have a more positive look about it. The packaging tells me the whole skin reveals a brand new energy – a slightly ambiguous statement to make, but if its saying that your skin will look tighter and brighter then its right, it will and if like me it makes you feel better, walk taller and maybe even catch the eye of a younger looking man then its doing what it says it will do and maybe even going that extra mile!