Its cool and cutting edge with a hint of sex appeal

VOI Jeans eau de toilette has so many tones and notes it practically plays a tune. It’s warm and inviting, with the pungent smell of floral and spices that seem to changes as the scent develops and the wearer grows into the fragrance.

First impressions count – and this fragrance will not disappoint in style and presentation. The box is oh so very VOI – designed to look like the back pocket of a pair of jeans – certainly one to stand out in any collection and it just gets better when you see the retro style followed through to the bottle – wrapped in a denim sleeve complete with pocket detail and again the signature V and zip fly detail on the reveres – all very cool, stylish and appealing to its target market of young trendy pant showing men. 

This is a complicated fragrance that offers something for everyone and will appeal to men and girls alike – its not a universal fragrance; but I can see young girls borrowing a splash to remind them of their man!

The initial burst of lemon is unmistakable, quickly followed by a sutle hint of spearmint and bergamot. It then seems to temper it’s delivery for a second or to before delivering an undercurrent of fig and plum, giving it a sweet tone, mixed with vanilla and a slightly spicy cumin scent. As I said something for everyone and a fragrance to be worn by the confident late teens and early 20’s we all see driving their cars around town eyeing up all the pretty girls passing by.

Available at the Fragrance Store it retails for £25.00 for a 100ml bottle. A great birthday present or Christmas present, as this scent will appeal to so many of its audience both for it’s strong and confidant smell through to its stylish and slightly fun bottle. I can defiantly see this being dropped in the guy’s glove box for an extra boost when the right pretty girl walks past.

Good luck boys – the girls will be putty in your hands!

Recommended by Lady GaGa and the Sequel to Angel

I have to start by saying that the bottle of Womanity is one of the most interesting bottles of perfume I’ve had on my dressing table to date. Its tall, slender and graceful bottle with the subtle pink coloured perfume, topped with a strong and symbolic top making this perfume stand out from the crowd.  With the addition of a chain that attaches the top/cuff to the neck of the bottle it offers a mix of subservience and dominance reflecting the tones of Womanity: the playfulness of spontaneous youth meets the experience of the wise past. 

It looks amazing; unfortunately for me the smell doesn’t mirror its style or intention. As with all Thiery Mugler perfumes it’s about making a statement and the Womanity statement is based on a harmony of paradoxes. This fragrance is as ambitious as his previous creations, with the idea of a perfume as a link between all women, as "a positive energy flowing through all types of femininity."

With 3 distinctive tones of sweet ripe fig, the savory tone of black caviar and fig tree wood to create a smooth base. All build to offer a distinct sweet-savory composition that creates two distinctive camps – those that love Womanity and those that don’t.

It has a masculine smell that overpowers, in my opinion, all of it's femininity.  Firstly you get over powering sweetness that I could almost taste in the back of my throat, followed by a slightly earthy smell that thankfully passes quickly to leave a musty fig smell, that keeps creeping up and wafting under my nose at the most unexpected moments.

I asked a friend of mine to try it, as her favorite smell is fig. Her reaction was to acknowledge how it does satisfy her desire to smell tones of fig in her perfume, but not to be slapped around the face with it every time she moves her head!

For those of you who have tried it and love it I’m sorry. For those of you that have bought it, especially the full 80ml refillable spray for £61.27, I’m also sorry (especially if your verdict is the same as mine) and for those of you that are thinking about buying it – ask for a sample!

Davidoff Hot Water

It was a warm April evening with a light breeze blowing from the West. The air was full of the fresh scent of early flowering spring blossom with a hint of something HOT. Nothing would ever be the same after this night. No other smell would ever tantalise and tease as this one did and no other fragrance would cause so much interest from so many.

He walked passed me with air of self confidence and mystique never witnessed before, leaving in his wake a strong and truly masculine fragrance offering tones of warmth, spice and a jubilant freshness only a man wearing DAVIDOFF HOT WATER could create. The air was filled with the sensual warmth of Red Basil and Absinthe along with burning Pimento offering a natural and ingenuous sex appeal.

The invitation of intimacy mixed with a forbidden promise DAVIDOFF HOT WATER is designed to change and develop in tones as the wearer travels throughout the day. I could even at some points smell small tones of lemon and bergamot and perhaps a very subtle hint of fresh lavender. “This fragrance is made for sharing,” I though, as he woken me with the smell of fresh coffee!

And cut …………

Honestly I really was in the land of make-believe, however I have to admit there are hints of this lovely fragrance that does take you off into a dream state. It’s warm but refreshing with really nice tones that just sit comfortably for everyday use. As a girl I love smelling it and the boys tell me they love wearing it. 

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