An ancient tradition or a new fad?

It looks like a pair of giant tweezers or the pincher part of an animal you wouldn’t want to find in your sock!

Now I’m all for oral hygiene, lets not under estimate the power of fresh breath. But some how the idea of this tongue cleaner just doesn’t sit with me. But I’m game to try it!

It has my initial vote as its Pink! They also do them in Blue, Green and Yellow. Is it Blue for Boys and Pink for girls? In which case who uses the Green and Yellow ones? Or is it just that these are four nice colours that any family would be glad to accesorise their bathroom with? 

I’ve read the instructions, which I think are very detailed when I’d think it was pretty much common sense, but I‘m instructed to make sure the thumb grips are face down - check, I’ve run it under the cold water tap – check, and I’ve extended by tongue! All that’s left now is to press down and gently pull forward all the way to the end!

I’m told this is an ancient tradition – to clean your tongue. The Romans didn’t just give us straight roads and bathing but the tongue scrapper as well. Even early Buddhist and native South Americans were known to take tongue hygiene very seriously. So why if we’ve know about it for so long does it take Molar Limited to send me one in the post to try before I’ve ever seen one? Is it a well kept secret of people with bad breath? Or perhaps people with nice breath 

The big question is does it work? Well I did as I was told and it did scrape off an alarming amount of saliva – leaving my tongue feeling bone dry and with a slight gagging reaction (perhaps I was a little over ambitious as to how far I put it back on my tongue!) the end result was actually ok. My tongue felt clean/cleaner than it had before and I could defiantly smell, although not taste, which was interesting, the minty freshness I was told it would leave behind. I did feel slightly stupid scrapping my tongue, but if the result is fresher breath and better oral hygiene, I’m happy to add an extra laugh at myself in the mirror each morning 

You can buy these in most pharmacies or direct from Molar Limited at www.molarltd.co.uk. They cost £3.25 so to replace them every 3 months as recommended is a small price to pay for an ancient remedy to bad breath!


3 well know facts about our teeth and us

Fact 1

None of us actually enjoy a visit to the dentist. Its just one of those things we all have to do and its normally the job that’s put off as long as possible by using every excuse under the sun and eventually done when we get the 3rd/4th reminder from our dentist!

Fact 2

We all acknowledge that dental hygiene is very important for so many different reasons.

Fact 3

We all want perfectly straight, sparkling white teeth that any ‘A’ list Hollywood celebrity would aspire to be seen with on the red carpet!

Molar however have launched a new TePe Interdental Brushes, designed to help us maintain our teeth, prevent gum disease and help us have better dental care at home and for less then £4.00 it’s certainly worth exploring.

I tried the mixed pack containing all available sized 8 brushes from the smallest Pink 0.4mm through to Grey 1.3mm (this one I’m sure is for cleaning the holes in your iron or the loo in your children’s dolls house. Trust me there is no way that this one would fit between any of your teeth). Also available are Orange 0.45mm, Red 0.5mm, Blue 0.6mm and Yellow 0.7mm, Green 0.8mm and Purple 1.1mm. Sense told me to start mid range so after selecting the Red one I worked my way around my mouth gently seeing if I could slide it between the gaps in my teeth. At this point I should point out I don’t have the perfect smile. As a child I wore a brace, which I hated and took out at any opportunity when my parents weren’t around and as a result I have a slightly crooked couple of top teeth, 1 filling and one at a bit of an angle on the bottom. This said there was no way the Red one was fitting between any of my teeth. Orange followed a similar journey until I decided Pink was the one for me. I managed to slide it between my two bottom front teeth and as instructed I slide it backwards and then forwards. The sensation was like running your fingernails down a blackboard. There I was in the bathroom with this Pink handle sticking out of my mouth, attached to a small wired brush firmly wedged between my teeth, that somehow I had to slide out.

Never again will I put something that looks like a miniature loo brush between my teeth in the name of beauty.

I don’t dispute they wouldn’t work perfectly for some people, giving them an alternative to the cheese wire we call floss and help the adult population of the UK to achieve that desired Hollywood smile. I also don’t dispute that for people who wear a brace, plate or have a bridge that this product wouldn’t make removing tricky particles of food a more enjoyable experience. I just know that this product had a funny effect on my entire body and one I wish never to repeat.

For those of you that wish to try this innovative product you can purchase it for dental practices and chemists including Superdrug, Boots, Lloyds, Alliance Pharmacy and supermarkets including Tesco’s, Asda, Sainsburys and Waitrose. For your nearest stockiest please call 0845 226 0660 or log onto www.molarltd.co.uk