Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion Review

Eco-motoring hmmm, yes I'm concerned with the plight of the planet and yes I care about the damage vehicles are dong to the environment, however I wont be forced to drive some ridiculously small cramped electric suicide death-trap (seen the unofficial crash tests on a G-Wiz?). So when VW called me up to ask if I'd like to test out their new 'Eco Golf' I agreed, mainly as it's a standard Golf 1.9 TDI, or so I thought….

Well I decided that if I were to test an 'Eco' car I would utilise the BlueMotion Golf's 'suggested gear' system, which basically tells you the gear you should be in to get the best economy. 
I would drive like I do normally, just to see how good this car actually was…

With a 55 litre fuel tank it costs around £62.50 to fill it up at today's prices, from that full tank I got… 700, yes that's right SEVEN HUNDRED MILES from a single tank!!! I actually think I got better mpg than the 62.8mpg VW claim the car can do.

The Golf Blue Motion drives like a normal Golf and handles like a normal Golf, the only thing it doesn't seem to do like a normal Golf is need filling up every 400 miles. The 'Match' trim level I tested came with a great spec level as standard, including an iPod connection port in the armrest.

The BlueMotion's fantastic fuel economy is down to some seriously clever filters in the engine, a modified gearbox and modifications to; front and rear spoilers, air intakes and wing mirror design, all reducing drag on the car as its moving, combined with the low rolling resistance wheels and tyres, this all creates one of the most 'eco' cars I've ever driven. On a personal level, VW sent me a silver Golf with a grey interior, which unfortunately was about as exciting as a coma, so do make sure if your looking to purchase the Golf BlueMotion you do it in a slightly more exciting colour scheme lol.

The Golf BlueMotion Match (Top of Range) costs £16,700 OTR and is available now, and if you're thinking that's a bit pricey for a golf, think of the money you'll save on fuel, its also only £35 a year for Road Tax because of its low emissions and its exempt from the congestion charge as well, overall you'll save a fortune. I Love this car