Volkswagen Tiguan Review

When it comes to building solid motors VW knows its stuff, whichever market they are aiming at, rarely do they get it wrong.  We also should forgive Volkswagen for the stupid names they've decided to give the SUV models in the range.  The name Tiguan was actually chosen by the public and is a combination of the German words Tiger ("tiger") and Leguan ("iguana"). So there you have it, other than an odd name that few can correct pronounce, is the Tiguan any good?

No it's not good, it's great.  Its right up there with its sister the Q5 in terms of overall greatness.  It's rock solid ability on and off road means you can have a lot of fun throwing it round, up and down dale etc.  It also comes with a raft of gadgets and gizmo's to keep this fun safe and everyone involved uninjured.  As standard the Tiguan SE comes equipped with ESP (Electronic Stabilization Programme), EDL (Electronic Differential Lock) and ASR (Traction Control) as well as the superb four wheel drive - 4MOTION and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System).  

Performance is none to shabby either with 0-62mph being done in just under 9 seconds, making it the 2nd fastest out of all our group test cars.  It also feels very safe and stable at speed. The handling is more carlike than SUV, handling bends and sweeping roads in its stride.  

As far as the rest of the toys you get make your mates jealous with, a rather lovely touch-screen to control the stereo with (AUX port is also standard for you iPodders out there) a 6 stack CD auto-changer, electric everything and if you want to pay a little bit extra you can get the bewildering, strange and brilliant 'self-park' system.  I've tried it and although it freaks me out totally, I take my hat off to VW for coming up with it.  For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last year and have missed the TV ad's, this system basically parallel parks the car for you, after it's found the perfect spot.  It is so good it actually parked me in a space that you couldn't fit a Gnat's hair between the cars in front and behind.  So although I love the system I have to say I actually prefer to have the control of parking my own car.

Price wise the 170bhp 2.0L TDI SE I tested came in at a tad over 23k, which I think is superb value for money, especially for a motor build like a brick shed, its all singing all dancing and its great on and off road.