Volvo XC60 Review

While I had this car through on test and whilst driving along in it with some friends in the back, I mentioned just how sexy I thought the XC60 was, and just how far Volvo have come in the younger persons popularity stakes.  My friends replied that all Volvo's were 'old mans cars' and that 'you'd never catch us driving one'.  They also made some other worrying comments about the interiors being old, blocky and very unattractive.  It was at this point I realised that they hadn't even noticed that they were IN A VOLVO at the time of making these informed opinions.  I pulled over, informed my friends that I was getting a headache and would one of them mind driving for a bit.  One took over and off we went, I at this point mentioned that he was now in fact driving a Volvo, which he, even with the huge Volvo badge on the steering wheel looking at him, disputed lol.

So all this just goes to show that ignorance is not always bliss.  What is bliss however is the new XC60.  It's a stunning motor from ultra-funky rear lights to massive 'get-out-of-my-way' imposing front grille, it's a work of design art.  It also turns heads.  Off-road it's more than capable, with all the gadgets and gizmos required to keep you motoring on regardless of rough ground or bad weather.  I was actually fortunate enough to have the XC60 during the recent blizzards that ground the Cotswolds to a halt for several days.  Not me though, my trusty Volvo just ploughed on through it all, making it all a very minor inconvenience. 

Performance is unfortunately the thorn in the side of the XC60, the 2.4D (entry level diesel engine in the range) was noisier than I would have liked, sounding at times quite 'tractor-like'.  Although the 0-62mph time is 10secs, it actually feels like an age longer, making the Volvo feel sluggish, when you put your foot down there's also a fair amount of turbo-lag before the power is delivered and then it's in a big noise punch.  I'd definitely look at the superb D5 version of the 2.4 diesel engine which gives the XC60 another 22bhp, shaves a second off the 0-62 time and will be a much more refined engine and loads more fun to drive. 

Then we come to the interior, once again the XC60's interior spot on the money, absolutely bucket loads of kit included in the standard spec and by the time you get all the way up to the SE LUX trim level I tested you really couldn't want for anything more.  SE LUX trim gets full leather, electric everything (the only thing missing is a blender in the glove box).  The seats are supremely comfortable (as always) and the driving position thoroughly lovely. 

Everything about the Volvo, once you've upgraded the engine to the D5 or T6 Petrol, is truly enjoyable.  The 2.4D SE LUX I tested costs £28,050 OTR, however I'd spend a bit extra  and buy the D5 engined SE LUX, which starts at £29,050.