Volvo XC90 Review

So Volvo have released the "all new" XC90, which actually means that they've cosmetically enhanced it with a light face-lift, however who can blame them for not wanting to dramatically change a very popular model. To increase the XC90's offering to the public Volvo have added a Sport version to the range, so like the dutiful Gay that I am, I decided it was a must for a test drive (just to see if it was any good you understand!). Now I really like the standard XC90, although it does have a bit of Kensington-mummy-school-bus image, overall it's a great car and it's also a seven seater as standard (2 extra seats fold out of the boot floor when you need 'em). So what exactly does the Sport model offer that sets it apart? Bling and plenty of it lol, big 19" sport only alloys replace the standard 18"s (and we all know that an extra inch makes all the difference), big double chromed exhausts to make it look meaner from the back than a pissed off drag queen, body coloured body kit to kick out the wheel arches and silver door sills to enhance the sporting look, also no roof bars (did I just hear a queen in Soho faint!), funky shimmering blue "watch style" dash dials (straight out the S60R) and a sporty black and grey leather interior. So Volvo just changed the trim I hear you all cry? Not at all, the anti-roll bars are stiffer and the suspension firmer so it really does make driving it feel a lot more sporty as well as looking it. I think it's a great addition to the range. Having recently facelifted the whole XC90 range giving slimmer more tapered lights to the front and rear as well as adding little touches here and there to just tidy up and strengthen the already strong character of their popular urban tank, is the XC90 Sport really needed? Hell yeah, drive the SE Lux version then jump into a sport, it just feels tighter with less body roll, it's kind of like saying that a 45yr will be as agile and as much fun in bed as a 19yr old (before all you 45yrs start emailing me abuse and claiming to be as nubile and flexible as a 19yr, don't bother, you me and the rest of the gay world know it just isn't happening honey, just keep telling yourself it's true!)

I love the fact that the press car I had was bright red with blacked out windows and really turned heads, it was great to drive and it's a lot of fun. The new sport costs just over 37k and is well worth looking at when you decide it's time for a change.