Alfa Romeo Brera Review

It's not just stylish, it's pure beauty, yes Alfa have managed to design a car that embodies everything that is style, sophistication and elegance.

Not only the most beautiful of the hot hatches it's also the most stylish, and the most economical in the 2.4 turbo diesel engined version. Yes you lose a bit of power, instead of 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds like most of the rest, you'll hit 62mph from standstill in a still not to shabby 8.1 seconds, however you'll also be getting 41.5 miles to the gallon instead of the low 20ish mpg the rest deliver. It feels much quicker than it is and it still looks better than Jesse Metcalfe covered in whipped cream and cherries.

It's just a stunning car both inside and out, the Brera has that expensive and luxurious feeling to everything from the panoramic glass roof and the thick ridged leather sports seats to the super stylish angled dials set back into the centre console. It is pure Italian sex on wheels. So sexy is the Brera that when stopped at traffic lights or in Motorway services, guys and girls alike feel the need to tell you just how gorgeous it is, i got stopped 7 times in one journey alone! 

It doesn't handle or feel quite so alive as well as some of the hot hatches, but it's nicer to drive that the Astra or Focus and it's just so very different from all of them that you just have to love it.
If you want a car that screams "I don't follow the crowd" then the Brera does that in abundance. It's quick, practical, economical and everything about the Brera just screams gorgeousness.