Alfa Romeo GT Review

Hmmm what can I say about the Alfa Romeo GT, how about buy a Brera instead. I'm a big Alfa fan and I love the styling of the GT as I think it's true to Alfa's ability to design and produce stunning cars, the GT is fine boned body builder, it looks poised and sporty yet still capable of being an everyday workhorse when required.

Unfortunately inside I find myself thinking of pound shops, compared to the Alfa's latest beauty the Brera and most of it's competition within the GT Coupe marketplace, it feels cheap, the press car I had for a week had covered only 8,000 miles but inside looked worn, dirty and badly aged, I've been in cars that have covered 10 times the mileage and still looked in better condition.

Handling / Engine wise it's much the same story, it lacks feel and driver feedback, the engine although a fantastic power plant in other Alfa's just doesn't seem responsive at all. Imagine you've just met the boy / girl of your dreams, stunning just doesn't do them justice, then they open their month and turn into a camp version of Forrest Gump with a smaller vocabulary and slightly less interesting, that's exactly the feeling I had when I drove the Alfa, looks wise it promises so much but it just lacks personality and substance. Maybe I was just too optimistic having driven so many of the great new Alfa's within their model range that I just assumed that the GT would just be another one.