Citroen C3 Review

Small cars have become increasingly more popular over the past year, be it the recession forcing us to spend less, or the laws and benefits of driving a smaller engine, reducing road tax and emissions.  Whichever it may be, manufacturers have responded well to accommodate the need for small cars, however Citroen have taken it to the next level with the new C3.

Firstly lets look at design, not being a huge fan of old shape, Citroen have really focused on detail in the new model, taking what used to be a very bulbous body to Harley Street, giving it lypo and a tummy tuck revealing creases in all the right places, while still retaining some elegant lines and keeping it curvy.  The windscreen stretches right back on top of the roof, divided by a chrome surround that finishes it off beautifully, creating a spacious feeling when driving and bringing purity to the C3's design.

The Interior speaks volumes about advances in the brand's identity, although the trademark steering wheel found in C4 and C5 models has not been included which is disappointing.  The dashboard and elements within are a high quality finish, space isn't much of an issue either with the C3 boasting a large boot for its class.  Options for a centre armrest, big enough for your wallet, and passenger seat drawer for any unmentionables you don't want seen are available at a reasonable cost.

The driving experience in the C3 is definitely aimed at fun about town; lower gears give you enough pull to swiftly move about without much concern.  Motorway speeds aren't too painless either, with an impressive 0-62mph time of 8.9 seconds; twinned with the combined economy of 47.9 miles per gallon…don't you feel like an eco speed demon!  The extended windscreen definitely makes a difference; opening up your visibility and making the car feel a lot more spacious inside. It handles well through corners and has plenty of initialled safety features to keep you on the road should you push it a bit too far.

Overall the C3 is a safer choice than stopping in a French lay-by at night (due to the fact it has lights) and it certainly looks more fun than the hairy trucker winking at you in the aforementioned lay-by.  Another great small car from Citroen, and a choice you won't regret for a minute.