Citroen DS3 Review

Well what can I say (Hopefully around 500 words or more for this review)?  I have always been a massive fan of the original DS and when our French friends announced the new concept, I was sent back to very fond memories of a very cool car.

The DS3 is aimed mainly at the super-mini market, bringing quirky styling and a driving experience that should never wear thin.  'Quirky' is definitely a term I'd use to describe the DS3, its styling is certainly a talking point and will turns heads both young and old.  What I am particularly fond of is the customisable details that make each DS3 unique to its owner. From roof colour to the colour on your car key itself, the DS3 is a true expression of your personality. Other customisable options are roof graphics, interior stitching and even wing mirrors! Now that's better than a rainbow flag and a 'powered by a fairy' bumper sticker.

In your rear view mirror, this little monster looks aggressive with the recessed vertical line of LED's staring right at you, but as soon as it passes by, you realise how cheeky this little rascal can really be.  The compact design makes it great to pop about town, whereas the sporty, chunky stance brings a real drivers feel when you're coming up the rear (naughty! That's about 200 words down).

In the 1.6 diesel 'Dsport' trim we tested, the DS3 gives back just as much and you choose to dish out.  0-62mph in a speedy 7.3 seconds and a suspension that's better balanced than a drag queen attending therapy, gives you great feedback whether you're pushing through sweeping bends or cruising through the town streets. The turning circle also helps deal with sharp corners too, turning almost on a pin point, while the ESP keeps the DS3 firmly on the ground with no complaints.

The model we tested was fairly dark inside, however highlights of the body colour run throughout the interior styling, invoking the creativity you put into your perfect car. Much more successfully than that of its competitors, the Fiat 500 for example, the DS3 achieves an interior space that looks colourful and fun, but keeps materials looking expensive and rather bespoke (use that to impress your mates) (that's 350 words).

Next we move to how much all this cheekiness is going to cost you expressive lot.  Starting from £11,700 (not including any customisation) the entry level DS3 is fairly basic. Go wild with creativity and you can expect to pay around £18,000 to express yourself all over the road.

Overall, I think the new DS3 will definitely give the likes of MINI and a few others a damn god run for their money.  This modern take on a timeless masterpiece does do justice to the original DS brand.  Citroen have created car that will crave all the right attention for you, saving you the trouble (as if you didn't enjoy doing it yourself).  Expensive it can be, but looking at everything else it's up against, it's a cheaper option for a lot more car and is perfect for taking your friends for a spin, or impressing the latest chicken to hit the scene. (540 words! Woo hoo, I'm a literal genuis! 546 now…..)