Fiat Sedici Review

Meaning sixteen in Italian and thus 4X4 equalling the same figure, you could be forgiven for thinking that Fiat may have been a little over confident in naming their first ever compact SUV (ignoring the Panda 4X4 for a moment lol).

However it's not the case at all, in fact the Sedici is a damn good car and really does deliver far more than it promises. On-road its a stable funky chunky and roomy little SUV, its also supremely comfortable. It's not outstanding but its more than ok and very liveable with.

However Off-road it just blows you away! For its size it has phenomenal capabilities that you just don't expect. I went off-roading at Knebworth house (Robbie had left the building!) and I threw the Sedici round the off road course there. Up vertical slopes and hills that I doubt I would have got up on foot, across potholed fields, down sheer inclines that I couldn't see the bottom of due to the steepness. Every time the little Sedici demolished anything put in its way without breaking a sweat (I wish I could say the same!).

Now it's off-road abilities may have something to do with the fact that is a joint venture with Suzuki and its the same car as Suzuki's SX4. But either way and who really cares how Fiat have done it, the main thing is they've done it and succeeded.

Fiat have aimed the Sedici at the "sporty urban" sector, so young professionals, young couples, single girls and gays. Really it's aimed at anyone who want a funky SUV that doesn't cost a months salary to reverse off the drive. Also you might actually want to play around on a 4X4 course at some point lol.

Sedici is on sale priced at a very reasonable £12,495 for the 1.6 Dynamic.