Ford Fiesta Review

Having never been a massive fan of the last generation of 'boxy' Fiesta's, I was hugely surprised when Ford unveiled the all new Fiesta, it looked sporty and fun… So when Ford invited me to beautiful Sienna in Italy to test-drive it, I was expecting the Gaydar profile of the motoring world, you know what I mean! The pics and the profile say one thing but in reality 'sporting' actually means 'runs only to answer the door for Pizza's' and 'funky' means 'cuts own hair - badly'. However with the new Fiesta it does what it says on the tin, I was totally blown away by just how good it is!

This new Fiesta is a totally new car from the wheels up, everything has been changed and nothing of the outgoing model remains (thankfully), and it's bigger (only slightly smaller than the new Focus), which means more room inside than ever. It seats 5 in comfort, has enough standard equipment, gadgets and toys to keep an 18yr chicken happier than being in the Disney Store, and the new dashboard is easily the best in the small car segment. The centre console housing the stereo equipment, heating controls and the various toys included, is nothing short of a work of art, curves and lines take your eye across the dash and an abundance of chrome inserts give a truly upmarket feel and finish.

The new exterior is simply stunning, with the Fiesta's rear pitched tighter than Joan Rivers last face lift (love her to bits). Lines flow seamlessly from front to rear and a high waistline give even the basic non sports model a tough sport stance.

So what about engines and handling? I drove the 1.4 and 1.6 engines, and both the 3dr and 5dr derivatives, neither disappointed when it came to handling, performance and ride comfort. My favourite at present would have to be the more than adequately equipped 1.6 petrol Sport 3dr, which considering I generally don't like small 3dr cars came as quite a surprise to me lol. The Top of the range Titanium model is ridiculously well equipped with just far too much toys for me to list