Ford Mondeo Review

The current generation Mondeo is without doubt its best incarnation to date, great looks, fantastic performance and an all round superb package. We'd love to tell you how it stacks up against the Vauxhall Insignia, but having make 6 different calls to book one, Vauxhall are yet to get back to us!  So put the Mondeo up against the Renault Laguna and the Peugeot 407, the Ford has a better feel of build quality and offers the better value for money on the like for like models.  

Well it's certainly got flair and style, kit it out with privacy glass and some kicking 18" alloys and it's a sporty motor.  The interior is beautifully laid out; everything is where you'd expect it to be.  The overall feel of the cabin is very driver focused and has a high quality feel throughout.  The 'chrome' effect trim is actually quite convincing and doesn't feel or appear tacky.  

Comfort and Equipment 
Well I gave the Mondeo the mother of all tests, by driving it to Paris and back.  I have to say that the comfort levels are really good.  Even after 10hrs of almost non-stop driving I didn't feel achy or stiff, I also didn't feel fatigued at all.  Ford's rep wagon is definitely designed with huge mileage drivers in mind (as you would expect).  Rear seat comfort hasn't been overlooked either, there's ample legroom and the seats are just as supportive as those in the front.  As standard the entire range comes with bucket loads of equipment as standard, however adding a few options here and there can make a huge amount of difference.  Sat Nav wise, we used the top-of-the-range system for our trip.  One of the funniest moments of our travels came from the Nav as we were sat in Dover facing a ferry. The Nav had said nothing for about 20mins when suddenly 'Doris' (we named her) chimed in with 'WARNING - Ferry' (you had to be there!).   The system performed well, unfortunately I forgot to check that the route included the use of motorways, this meant that the Nav guided us on a very scenic 5hr route to Paris, whoops.  
We tested the 123bhp ECOnetic 1.8TDCI Durashift engine for the Paris trip.  To say it has all the pulling ability of a fat drag queen would be an understatement. It's not the quickest of cars, performance is rather lacking, 0-62mph taking just under a leisurely 11 seconds, but then it's designed for economy rather than sporting prowess.  So rather than be an eco-warrior (yes I know its only £125 a year in road tax, and I'm saving the planet by not having huge CO2 emissions) my engine of choice would be the 170bhp 2.2L TDCI which offers far more entertaining performance.

Yes the ECOnetic is very economical and driving to Paris and back was taken care of in a tank and a half of diesel.  We actual got better mpg figures than Fords quoted 64 for motorway mileage.  As great as the fuel economy was though, I still would have preferred to have had a bit more power for overtaking.  Round town economy is good and the quiet little diesel was happy shooting around the back streets of the French capital.

Top Rep wagon for under 24k for the ECO and under 27k for the Titanium X, well worth high mileage drivers choosing the ECOnetic and saving the earth as well as pounds.