Jeep Wrangler Review

Who could forget the original Jeep 'Queer as Folk' Wrangler, the rag-top Jeep that captured our hearts and wallets when it hit Canal St in all its gorgeous and fairly gay glory. Well it's back, it's all new and as opposed to just being a three door it's now available in 'Unlimited' form as a long wheel base (LWB) five door open air land yacht as well.

Over the new three door, the Unlimited is much bigger, wider and longer but still looks like it belongs in a dessert storm op (which is no bad thing). It's supremely good off and on road, should any of you wish to take it further off road than the tarmac of your drive, you won't face disappointment.

With the full hard top hood in place, it feels like you have enough room to fit an entire gay football team in the back. However, and here's the bit where the new LWB Wrangler comes into its own, snap a few catches and hey presto both front roof panels above the driver are off and your semi converted. Because you can store the panels in the pouches behind the seats should a sudden down pour occur you're water tight quicker than a drag queens bitch-o-meter hits red.. If that's not open air enough, undo the rest of the catches from the body then between two of you lift the roof clear, now the entire Jeep is open. You'd think that would be enough, but for the most die-hard convertible drivers it goes one step further, all four doors come clean off as well - LOVE IT!

Inside its pure utilitarian monster, bare metal and padded roll cage would make even Chris Crocker look butch behind the wheel. It's fairly luxurious at the same time, the seats are comfortable even on the longest journeys, and the CD system is great as is the list of standard equipment. The 174bhp 2.8L CRD diesel engine in the test car had buckets of power making motorway overtaking easier than finding a cover-up stick in G.A.Y. Doing around 33 mpg for its size and weight makes the Unlimited fairly good on fuel as well. The big diesel has a 6 speed gearbox which is a dream to drive, use the 4X4 stick and you'll be able get up and down the most impossible slopes and make short work of deep water. All in all it's a great 'go anywhere' car, I really enjoyed it , well worth the 22k price tag.