Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet Review

What better way to spend a week, than in an E Class Cabriolet taking a trip to Paris.  Jumping on the EuroTunnel and heading to the city of romance is all the much more exciting with the new E Class.  A convertible with not only a whole lot of luxury, but great performance too.

The new E Class is certainly an attractive car. The butch grille with it's angular lines makes Vin Diesel look soft and flows beautifully into the muscular styling of the rear, posing tighter buns than him too.  The chunky running lights mean business and with added LED rear taillights, this continues to enforce the butch attitude that the E Class boasts so well.  The AMG styling option also brings an aggressive diffuser, those beautiful spoke-like wheels and that lovely little three-letter badge showing you know true style when you see it.  The hood is a soft top to keep true to its cabriolet label, whilst keeping the design pure.

Interior styling is also a cut above the old Mercedes quality finishes. Integrated features included Sat Nav, steering wheel mounted controls and Mercedes all-important COMMAND system that is just essential. Looking good in this car is effortless and people will stare regardless of what you're doing, be it revving the throttle or signing your heart out down the motorway. They'll be oozing over the car.

Paris itself is always an adventure, a city where Twingos, Vespas and police on roller skates have priority over motorists.  However the E Class coped extremely well within the packed streets of Paris, and we even saw a couple of other E Classes, while we cruised on through the Paris nightlife.  Out onto the open road and with the windows up, the wind deflector, Airscarf neck heating and Mercedes new Aircap system we were toasty warm, and not a hair out of place. Aircap works by raising a wind deflector style rim to the windscreen dispersing the air above you higher, together with rear deflector built into the passenger headrests, all defenses are controlled at just the touch of a button.

Driving the E Class is no chore either, handling better than said Vespas, the E Class begs you to drive it to it's limit, shifting from 0-62mph in an impressive 7.8seconds. The steering is precise and safety is premium, with the roll bar protection hidden within the rear headrests, cornering lights and it even monitors how long you've been driving, suggesting when you should take a break.  However, should you be fully rested and awake, then drive this car everywhere, show everyone you've ever known and just experience the essence of driving a refined powerful machine that will have you seeking for more thrills.

Finally worth a mention is the E-Class Cabriolet we tested was a BlueEFFICIENCY.  This is becoming the normal for Merc as unless you are buying the ‘E 500 Sport’ all their engines are economy based performance units.  The 250 CGI seemed to be the perfect balance between performance and economy, reaching a combined 35.8mpg – making this Mercedes a class act all round.

Overall, as you might be able to tell I love the E Class and I'd pay any premium for the privilege of owning one.  Even the £48k price tag for a near top of the range model, I find is fairly expensive, however for a comfortable 4 seater convertible, it's an expense that's worth its weight in designer manbags, Gucci shoes and Crystal.