Peugeot 207 Review

Peugeot's all new 207 went on sale to rave reviews. The all new model fits nicely into the Peugeot range sliding in between the current 206 (which will continue for the foreseeable future, but in limited variants) and the 307.

It's as cute as the 206 but with more space and is has two different faces, a shorter nose and less dramatically front bumpered Classic model and more aggressively styled Sport version. On sale now priced from £8,995 for the 3 door 1.4 Urban entry model.


Ok the newest little pug sports model is a diesel and for what it costs it's a great little motor. I drove the new 207 GT on a Peugeot drive day and loved it, it's fun and fresh offers good performance whilst retaining great fuel economy. It's very well equipped, spacious and has real character about it, so it's a happy addition to the existing line up and something between the sporty version and the soon to be introduced GTI. Once I've had another drive in one and lived with it or a week I'll give you some more info but for now I'd seriously recommend that you test drive one if your looking for a small sporty hatch.


Ok so 6yrs ago Peugeot launched one of the gayest cars ever to hit the road, the 206 CC was loved by all and no more so than by our good gay selves. The 206CC not only quickly became the trolley dolly and hairdressers' car of choice, it revolutionised the small convertible in the UK. 
6yrs on you can't throw a Gucci loafer in any direction without hitting a hard roof drop-top. So how are Peugeot planning to get back the massive market share they've lost to other manufacturers?
By replacing the 206CC with the all new 207CC, which is a truly gorgeous little car and I love it. It's butcher, sportier and more muscled than the car it replaces, but more importantly it looks so damn sexy you just wanna take it to meet your fag-hag so she can wax lyrical about what a waste it is on a gay man. 

 One of the best features on the new CC is that is now has a fully automatic roof, so no more handles to unlatch before you can take your top off. On sale in March with pricing to be announced soon, watch out for it because it's going to be a sure fire hit.