Peugeot 3008 Review

Well Well Pug, you have been busy this year, and it's only February!  A new brand identity, new model range and styling to match, our French friends are in the zone and seem to be going exactly in the right direction.

This is beautifully demonstrated in the 3008, a brand new car for Peugeot, the 3008 is a crossover with great potential.  When it arrived I had to admit, I was sceptical of the styling, looking a little like a bigger and better 308 SW (Station Wagon).  The dominating grille looks like it'll eat anything in its path, while the kinetic grooves in the bonnet bring a sense of speed and subtle authority. The rear is neat and compact and the rear light clusters slide elegantly into the wider hips, reflecting that of the normal 308.

Exploring the interior, nothing seemed that 'out there' or 'exceptional' but the clean lines and simplicity pleased me immensely. Everything inside feels very solid and puts the driver in a very controlling role.  The centre console cascades toward the driver, wrapping around like a cockpit, while the passenger side feels very spacious and comfortable, with enough room to swing a tiger, never mind a cat.  In the rear it's much the same story, with comfortable space for three go-go boys and a boot big enough to fit their ego's, well with the split tailgate open at least.

A feature I have to boast about is the HUD or Heads Up Display.  At the risk of being seen as a gimmick, the clear Perspex rises from the dashboard and sits just nicely in the drivers view, meaning you don't have to take your eyes off the road to know your cruising down the motorway at 90 not realising it.  Why wouldn't you realise this? Because the 3008 feel's like it's been to the salon for a full back, sack and crack it's that smooth.  The Handling is tight and has limited body roll for a car of it's size, soaking up any lumps and bumps and begging for bends just to show off.

The THP150 that we tested was brilliant, with a 0-60mph of just under 9 seconds, it's quicker than Ricky Martin to come out and play, and just as well too, as the rear is so nice to look at, as it shoots off into the distance, (that's the 3008's rear, not Ricky Martin's, although his isn't bad either!).  This brings me nicely to fuel consumption, just shy of doing 40 miles-per-gallon combined the 3008 is not a gas guzzler, even for a petrol, of course if this isn't impressive enough, the diesel equivalent does just over 50mpg and kicks out the same performance from a 2 litre engine.

Overall, I was so impressed with the 3008 that I was sad to see it go.  It's got the looks, the drive and the capability and practicality of having a crossover, I have to hand it to Peugeot they've done a tremendous job and all from just £16,595.