Porsche 911 Review

Anybody reading this who like myself was born in the late 70's and grew up in the 80's (if there's a gay god then please let somebody reading this be my age!!), then you'll remember that back then the 911 was considered a real status symbol with most of us gazing upon it as a supercar, yes if you owned a 911 then you'd made it, or you were at the very least a yuppie city stock broker getting rich quick (we all know how well that ended!) and wearing a lot of power suits.

However today's 911 Carrera Cabriolet is a somewhat safer and more sophisticated machine, yes it's still stunningly beautiful to look at and it still evokes that childhood excitement. Its just as beautiful inside and the interior quality is second to none. Slip behind the wheel and you cant help but feel instantly powerful, to be fair the 3.6 litre 325bhp engine does help the feeling along and will see you hitting 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds. It's worth pointing out that get into a 911 for the first time and attempt to use all that power and 1 of 2 things are likely to happen, you will either be claiming for a new 911 on your insurance having just stacked the first one into the back of the car that seemed so far away when you pushed your foot to the floor, or you'll be facing oncoming traffic head-on having just found out that that's the result of putting your foot down in a 325bhp rear wheel drive Porsche with the steering wheel pointing in any direction other than straight ahead.

Once you're accustomed to the 911's amazing handling complete with flighty backend (it just loves kicking out when you corner at speed), driver feedback is excellent and you really feel at one with the car, hell it's a great car, in fact it's very close to perfection. I do have one major issue with the Porsche though and that's the Sat Nav, I have never in my life driven a car with a more appalling navigation system, it's about as useful as a DVD entitled "Fool those around you into thinking your straight" with your host Dale Winton (complete with new catchphrase "Good luck, now lets release those balls"). I love the 911 it's an out and out true to its roots sports car, it's roughly the same price as the XK and worth every penny.