Porsche Boxster Review

Oh Porsche how I love thee, how we all love thee... The Boxster is now somewhat of a gay icon, fast, fun and looks you wish you could find in a man, I doubt anyone reading could say they nobody in their circle doesn't have one, had one or wants one. 

The revised Boxster S is superb, 0-62 in 5.4 secs with a top speed of 169mph and 295bhp, power is always on tap, it sounds amazing and hood up or down it looks fantastic. In normal suspension mode it's comfortable, nimble and happy to pootle around town soaking up admiring looks. However click the suspension into sport and everything tightens up and the Boxster S takes on a whole new life. The mid-mounted 3.4L engine creates a great driving feel and the S feels planted and really sticks to the road, even under "adventurous" driving styles and the quality of the build is second to none.

Now official fuel consumption for the big daddy of the Boxster range are somewhere around the mid 30mpg area, however I suspect that you need to drive like your granny to actually achieve that, I was getting a not to shabby late 20's mpg, which is still not bad for the size of the engine and the performance you get. 

So in a sector of the market filled with lots of prestige sporty little drop tops what sets it aside from the likes of the Merc SLK or BMW Z4. Overall the driving experience in my opinion is better, maybe its because as a child I grew up in the 80's when the Carrera was the supercar of choice for the upwardly mobile and I still think of a Porsche as meaning you've made it. It doesn't matter if you've saved your whole life to buy one, insure it and run it, you still know that whether there's a hunk laid next to you or not there's still a sexy little beast on the driveway outside waiting for you.

The Boxster S is priced from 41k upwards.