Porsche Cayenne Review

I used to dislike the styling of the Cayenne immensely, it looked like a bulky overweight frog on stilts. Look stage right and cue the new facelifted and slimmer fronted Cayenne. My what a difference a few cosmetic enhances make, Porsche have pulled off the vehicular version of a Joan Collins facelift (rather than a Joan Rivers facelift, love her at least she's honest about it). Everything has been subtly enhanced refined and slimmed down, sporty touches have been added without going over the top and turning it into a jacked up 911. The Cayenne now looks like a proper Porsche the smaller wider tapered lights and the deeper front vents / bumper really make a massive difference and gives the Cayenne the road presence it deserves now.

Now driving wise the Cayenne is a master stroke of engineering and you know your driving a Porsche (all be it a tamed down one), however Volkswagens Toureg was used heavily in designing the original Cayenne and from what I can tell everything Porsche borrowed has remained which isn't a bad thing at all. It is truly outstanding to drive and the performance is amazing especially in the top of the range Turbo S.

So now its more attractive than the prospect of a three some with Jake and Heath on the brokeback mountain of shame, would I buy one? Yes, the only thing that puts me off is the fact that buyers of the Cayenne are considered label queens who can't have a 911 because the habitat (we know it's from Ikea!) units wont fit in the back. But what's the difference in buying a Porsche over a Range Rover, a Jeep or the Merc ML, for that matter anyone who buys a prestige brand. If you've got the cash to splash then why the hell not do it I say.