Range Rover Review

Ever noticed how certain cars make you think of certain songs and equally how certain songs inspire a certain style of driving? For instance take the cars covered in this month's column...the Range Rover TDV8 Diesel and the super-hot hot hatch the Mazda 3 MPS with "aero styling kit". Put a bit of Will Young in the CD players and both cars will happily plod along quietly and peacefully, motorists behind you will be driven insane by you ambling merrily along. Eject WJ and place something eurotrash-esque or Kylie-chic in and before you can fasten the clasp on your Boss man-bag (or fluffy Elmo backpack depending on age and style, or lack of!) your driving becomes just that bit quicker, suddenly if you don't get the cash machine before Latvian S&M porn star sings the next chorus the world will end, so the old lady in the Fiesta in front must be driven from the road immediately. However stick a good dance remix of something by Pink or her crowd in and even Paris Hilton's driving would look like your grandma on a Sunday run to M&S, corners must be taken at speeds only found in grand prix's and red traffic lights are considered 'advisories' rather than gospel.

The Ranger is many things, just one of which is superb, however due to increased performance thanks to the amazing new TDV8 diesel engine it's no longer the mummy school wagon or an upmarket mud-plugger. In fact it's got more muscle under the bonnet than your personal trainer. The new V8 engine transforms the Ranger diesel from Classic FM to a Gwen Stefani dance remix, masses of extra power whilst retaining the same fuel economy as the outgoing V6 engine. So what exactly is it that morphs the new RR Diesel from 60k's worth of octogenarian day tripper to being a serious choice for the young gorgeous and trendy? How about a 0-60mph sprint that takes 8.5secs, not only four seconds faster than the previous diesel but also quick enough to ensure you'll be keeping up with the cute boys in sports cars that thought they'd leave you standing. The new engine is

also 40% faster in the 50-70mph speed range which means overtaking on the motorway becomes that bit easier. Maximum power also rockets from 177 bhp/ps to 272 making the TDV8 feel overall more powerful and the sensible choice for those wanting power as well as fuel economy. It still retains the amazing drive, ride and comfort that's synonymous with Range Rover. It's also arguably the best luxury 4X4 in the world.