Renault Megane Coupe Review

Since the launch of the new Laguna Coupe, Renault have changed the minds of us all, bringing a new prestige feel to a brand once slated, for being unreliable and of poor build quality.  Next came the new Megane hatch and following suit is a much better car than it's predecessor.  Poking fun at themselves with a fantastic new advertising campaign, and an honest attitude made the perfect platform to make way for the Megane Coupe, a car that looks phenomenal, but is it all that it's cracked up to be?

I used to have very high expectations, but as I have come to realise, this is not always a good thing, as I find myself nit picking at little things making my views somewhat jaded.  So, I now go about things with an open mind, not expecting too much and being pleasantly surprised.  This is exactly the case with the Megane, as I have driven the hatch, I thought I knew what to expect from the Coupe, and I was pleased when things felt a little different.

The Coupe is a much more composed ride than the Hatch and certainly has the styling to match, kinetic design that makes the car look like it's constantly moving.  The new grille screams 'sport' and the pinched back finishes the slender and sensual angles of the car, making almost a tear drop shape, all of which adds to the sporty, aero-dynamic image of what is already an attractive car.

All of Renault's diesel engines are now classed as 'eco' and it's definitely something that they like to boast about. I tested the 1.9 dCI 130 Dynamique, reaching 62mph in an impressive 9.5 seconds, the Megane Coupe will certainly entertain the driver within.  Handling doesn't let the car down either, and keeps the car composed when putting it through it's paces on those windy country bends and twists, smoother than a night in with a bar of Galaxy.  The engine is quiet for a diesel and the cabin is quiet on long motorway journeys, and build quality has definitely improved.

Inside the car is comfortable, even without leather, and styling is similar to the prestige feel of the Laguna Coupe.  With highlights of chrome involved in a moulded ergonomic dashboard and centre console, the interior looks more appetising than a man painted in chocolate, my only issue however, is that it's as dull as when you've finished all the chocolate! Some hints of colour wouldn't have gone a miss.

As far as toys go, the Dynamique comes equipped, features like Bluetooth and automatic lights and wipers are all standard so unless you're in need of satellite navigation and heated seats, you wont need to spend much more on optional extras. Although there are some really great options that just make the Coupe that little bit more special, for example, the upgraded Arkamys stereo with 3D sound, 17" alloy wheels and finally, that fantastic burnt 'Cayenne Orange' metallic paint.

Overall, the Megane Coupe is a fantastic car that won't fail to disappoint when it comes to driving experience and it certainly beats the competition when it comes to looks. Sexier than watching Jude Law and Matthew McConaughey get together, Renault have really pulled out all the stops and created a really well put together and stylish car.