Renault Twingo Review

How much do I love the newest little member of the Renault family? It's compact, cute, sporty, fun and comfortable, while coping well with just about anything you throw at it. In fact if it was a guy I'd be proposing marriage (well civil partnership) to it after spending a romantic two hour drive together on the M6 (I really need to get a life I know!).

So what makes the little GT so much fun, well akin to a go-kart the super nippy little Twingo is more fun round town than an hour with Alan Carr, the steering is very precise, performance from the 100 bhp 1.2L turbo engine is superb, having a top speed of 117mph and it still does nearly 50 miles to the gallon. Ride quality although a little on the firm side is still comfortable, the Twingo feels stable at motorway speeds and sporty round town. Small enough to park just about anywhere, but spacious enough inside for four friends and their accompanying weekend luggage, the sliding rear seat also ensures that if you need some extra room in the boot you have the ability to create it, so its very practical as well as entertaining to drive. Spec is good with electric windows, auto lights and wipers, MP3 connection point, CD player with steering wheel control, air con, ABS and Bluetooth all coming as standard, my test car also came with a panoramic roof with a twist, dual sunroofs for the front and rear!

Outside the little powerhouse is dripping with spoilers, alloy wheels, tinted glass and chrome effect wing mirrors; it looks stylish, has great fuel economy and thanks to its 5E insurance rating isn't going to cost you the earth to insure. Overall for just under 10k it's a good buy, practical, stylish, fun and economical, what else could a gay ask for.