Audi A4 Allroad Review

Now it may seem like Top Gayer does feature new Audi's every month, two a month sometimes lol, the reason being I hear you cry?  Audi are in the middle of launching one of the biggest ranges of cars in history, currently the Audi range is around a massive 34 models, and by the end of 2015 the range will be a world dominating 42 different models.  

Almost every month we're on an Audi launch for yet another new model.  The German giant is one of the few motoring manufacturers currently in profit (and those profits are huge).  Audi have no plans of slowing down, and why should they, the quality is excellent, performance fantastic and economy (of most) outstanding, they'll reliable and they have great residual values, so Audi is also a clever buy.

So on to the new A4 allroad, we tested the magnificent 3.0L V6 TDI version, which kicks out 235bhp and a 0-62mph time of 6.4 seconds.  It's also not a thirsty load lugger, returning nearly 40mpg on the motorway.   So what's so special about an off-road version of the A4 Avant?  Well the A6 allroad (its bigger brother) is a brilliant car, but it's big, very big and it's a bitch to park.  Its common knowledge that Audi's Quattro all wheel drive system is one of the best in the world.  Not everybody who wants the ability to pull a horsebox across a field on a Sunday wants an SUV, so the Q5 and Q7 are out as well.  So you don't want an SUV and you don't want a whacking great big A6 allroad, well now you can have the A4 in 'allroad' costume.  The exterior of the new A4 version is butcher than a bull dyke wielding a broken glass, big chunky wheel arches and bumpers, much higher ground clearance and a new more rugged looking grille complete the outfit.

Safety equipment wise, it's typically Audi and loaded with gadgets and gizmos.  The Quattro system offers up permanent four wheel drive stability, this also means the A4 allroad is great fun to drive on tarmac, throwing it round and really giving it guts through twisting bends, all the time the car feels stable and totally stuck to the road.   There's also never a hint of wheel spin or slippage over bad surfaces.  

Chuck it over a field or across rough and rutted ground and the additional ground clearance proves useful and keeps the baby Avant plodding on.  Towing wise, thanks to the buckets of torque provided by the superb 3.0L TDI engine, it feels more capable of getting heavy loads from A to B, than Rosanne Barr's ankles.  

So street cred wise, will it break or make yours? It's actually a really cool looking motor, roof bars and butch extended wheel arches, rough and ready look about it, you can't help but feel like it's going to spend most of its life in M&S parking spaces.  One thing to remember, should Reading town centre ever be hit by a minor and fairly insignificant earthquake (one that's just strong enough to break the tarmac up into chunks) you'll definitely be in the queue of 4x4's drafted in to help with getting aid to the gays who haven't finished grabbing 'earthquake damaged' bargains at H&M.   

Now the other place this little Avant (Estate) shows its abilities is in the pure amount of stuff you can fit into it! It's the same cavernous space that's found in the normal A4 Avant, however its slightly higher, meaning that its easier to load and unload junk from your trunk.  

 It's capable of transporting the entire gay golf team, complete all their clubs, across the alps in luxury and comfort, its unfazed by tight cornering and copes admirable with horrendous weather conditions that see only the toughest of SUV's out on the roads.  Now with the 3L diesel coming as standard with the unbelievably good S-Tronic 6sp Auto gearbox (twin clutch to ensure lighting quick auto changes up and down the gears) its just manner from heaven.  Add to this the A4 allroad Quattro adds striking 18-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels with allroad-specific tyres, special Tundra cloth upholstery and a storage pack including additional nets and compartments. Additional standard features can also be found in the 1,430-litre load bay, including a reversible load bay mat with one rubberized side for soiled footwear etc plus a flip over bumper protector, and a load area rail system and fixing kit for securing bulky loads using a telescopic bar and securing belt.  It's just so capable of being many things to many people, for me.. It's great for throwing dogs in the back of and taking them over the field, equally the next day I was moving Ikea wardrobes in it.  Starting at just under 30k for the 2.0L TDI it's a bargain and one that must be driven to be appreciated.