Audi A4 Saloon Review

The rep just got a whole new rich look, without a shadow of a doubt Audi appear to have set themselves the goal of not only dominating the upmarket rep wagon market, but also to totally destroy the 3 series BWM as it sits firmly in the wake of the new A4.

Now the A4 has always been one of the best saloons on the market, however having recently had the pleasure of spending a week in its company, you quickly realise that the best just got better. The interior was the one place that the A4 fell down, it was the car equivalent to a CK model, gorgeous to look at, desired by anyone with any sense and as soon as you got in it you felt slightly let down, the only saving grace was the great handling, fabulous ride and outstanding performance (I actually cant remember if I'm talking about the car or the CK model, no wait I've never played with a CK model).

However the new A4 has redressed it flaw of the old model and the interior is now a wonder to behold, more than ever it feels bigger, more airy, even more solid (if that was possible) and so well put together you really can't find fault. The one massive difference you notice straight away is how much the interior layout has changed, its more A6 / A8 inside and you really do feel like you're in a much bigger and more expensive motor.

Exterior looks have changed, with a new high more tapered rear, those sexy new rear lights and integrated boot lip means that even the non sporty versions still have a real sports look. 

Then of course that all new nose, which now includes the 'Xenon plus' headlights, giving those oh so gorgeous LED light strip daytime running lights underneath the standard Xenon headlights. The 'big mouth' grill which is now on all the Audi range also helps make the new A4 look like a bigger and meaner beast.

Performance is something Audi and the A4 have always had the advantage in the market section and its only got better, the 143ps 2L TDI S line I had on test had shed loads of grunt and although 0-60 takes over 9 seconds it feels quicker, and light on its feet round corners. Overall handling is fantastic and you can't help but smile when your driving around as it car really is a joy to drive.

So it looks amazing, handles well, performs like a dream and feels modern and upmarket, the range starts at just under 20k and all models are surprisingly well equipped. Even the entry level Standard model comes with 16" alloys, driver information computer and 3 zone air conditioning. SE models come as standard with 17" alloys and plenty of gadgets and S Line sports range all have 18" alloys and plenty of sporting touches inside and out to make it worth seriously looking to spend a grand extra on the S Line.