Audi Q5 Review

Audi's Q5 might be at the most expensive end of the SUV / Crossover market; I actually tested the mid-range spec level with the top diesel engine under the bonnet.  I have to say Audi's 3.0L TDI is one of the best, in the not just the range, but the motoring industry and it certainly doesn't disappoint in the Q5's body.

Everything about the Q5 screams quality, great design with practicality and functionality with style and flair.  It's a superbly capable off-road and in bad weather conditions thanks to Audi's outstanding Quattro all wheel drive system.  The higher ground clearance isn't just the only thing the Q5 has to make sure that you stay the right way up off-road, hill descent and off-road ESP (electronic stability programme, it isn't psychic lol) means fields and hills wont prove a problem, yes the Q5 will definitely get you where you need to be, regardless of the terrain in between you and where you need to be. 

Standard spec for the SE level (mid range) gives a plethora of kit, including upgrading the standard 17" alloys for 18" (its all about that extra inch guys lol), upgraded 10 speaker kick-arse stereo system that will ensure even the dead can hear you arrive, scrumptious leather interior over the standard cloth and a shed load of other toys, gadgets and chrome things that although you don't need em make the car look amazing.

Performance from that big 3.0L Diesel doesn't disappoint, 0-62mph takes an 'wipe the competition out'  earth moving 6.5secs, which when you bare in mind that this is an SUV is more than quick.  In fact the Q5 3.0L Diesel version is one of the fastest in the sector.  Fuel economy doesn't suffer either for all that power, with a combined fuel consumption of 37mpg its actually a very fuel efficient and powerful car, so all you eco-warriors out there cursing the Q5 can just button it.

Price wise, the car I tested had just about every optional extra Audi do, and yes it was one of the most pleasurable cars I've driven for a long time, however all the optional extra's on my test car pushed the price up from a reasonable £34,650 OTR to a staggering 50K (yes that's right FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS!!), don't get me wrong I think the car I had was superb and the toys and gadgets kept me happy all day long for a week, however just be careful just how many optional extra you load yours with.  Worth every penny and my personal choice if your looking an SUV in the 30k - 40k price range.