Audi R8 4.2L V8 Review

If men were cars this particular motor would have Vin Diesel's body, Brad Pitt's face and Daniel Craig's arse.  I know my dream man is half black, half white and has a combined age of 125, but the point I'm making is that the R8 is a fantasy come true, take-your-breathe-away styling coupled with road dominating performance.  As sports cars go it ticks all the boxes, beauty, brawn, power, stability and desirability.

Suitable for everyday awe inspiring use, the V8 4.2L FSI engine does 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds with an equally amazing soundtrack coming from the mid-mounted engine and the quad exhausts.   The Quattro four wheel drive system means that when you choose to use all 415bhp the engine produces, the handling is phenomenal with the cornering ability leaving you breathless.    

The R8 is indescribably fantastic; words just can't do this car justice.  Sex appeal wise, trust me, behind the wheel of this motor you're suddenly so desirable that anybody, male female straight gay old or young wants to be your friend anytime, anywhere.  So what will the ability to transform into someone slightly more appealing than Mark Wahlberg in his Tighty whitey CK's cost you?  Well all this gorgeousness, power and street cred starts at £79,000, however, start choosing the colour of the sexy side blades, add the 19" or 20" wheels, sling Sat Nav and the Audi's cracking sports auto gearbox on and its nearer £90,000.  But it's still worth every single last penny, I'm in love!