Audi R8 5.2L V10 Review

It's finally here and ready to order, the super-super 5.2L V10 version of Audi's R8 super-car will be on UK roads within the next few weeks. For the few that have had the privilege of either driving or being a passenger in the al ready released 4.2L version of the sex-on-four-wheels R8 - It's even better. For the even fewer that have managed to become the owner of the 4.2L version - ouch, you REALLY should have waited! Now don't get me wrong, the 4.2L is still an immense motor, but this new incarnation, well it really is the best of the best. It's like paying £80,000 out for a penis enlargement, getting an extra 2ins so you've got 8, then finding out that if you'd spent 20k more you could have had 10".

The reason I'm going down this route of talking R8's and penis enlargement's [trust me there is an explanation!]? Because anybody reading this article that a) isn't into cars b) isn't male and c) isn't in their right mind, will have without question at the start of this article uttered, all be it under their breath, "penis extension". If you are one of those people - Get back into your Ssangyong Rexton crap wagon and go find your sense of style and taste, for you have lost it somewhere.

If you have a spare £104,050 (don't forget the fifty!) lying around, then the 5.2L R8 is definitely the motor to blow your load on (take that sentence as you so wish, both connotations are applicable). It's faster, handles tighter and it sounds / looks even more amazing. The styling of 5.2L changes slightly over the 4.2L, this is so any R8 drivers you pass in the 4.2L may bury their weeping face into their hands safe in the knowledge that you have a) even better handling and a faster car b) even more money than them.

The subtle and not so subtle differences between the V8 and the V10 (which will induce unparalleled levels of jealousy and envy, and not just from other R8 drivers) are: over 80bhp more. Deeper side intake blades, because that MUCH bigger 5.2L FSI V10, needs even more air to keep it cool (cool like its owner!). Even sexier 10 spoke Alloys. Audi Magnetic Ride (the reason for the better, sharper handling) as standard. All LED lights (including full beam, a world first). Oval exhaust tailpipes and finally big V10 badges on the front wings and the engine bay. Inside its much the same story, with the standard equipment list proving that it may be an expensive motor, but its value for money as well: upgraded Sat Nav system, interior and engine bay LED light pack, electric heated seats, stainless steel 'racing' pedals and one final 'my car is the doggies knackers' blow, a top of the range 12 speaker Bang & Olufson sound system, kicking out an eardrum shattering 465 watts (over 320 Watts more than the 4.2L's stereo).

I had the pleasure of being one of Audi's guests in Granada for the launch of the new model. Hat's off to Audi for choosing one of the best driving routes I've ever had the pleasure of road testing on. The V10 R8 loved the long open fast flowing Spanish roads and the twisting neck-breaking G-force inducing mountain passes. Audi's reasoning for the road routes was very quickly apparent - you can throw anything at the V10's Magnetic Ride suspension system and it'll soak it up, then slap you round the face in a 'is that the best you've got bitch' fashion. Audi have set a new benchmark for everyday super-car performance and handling.

The perfect precision handling is down to the 50/50 weight distribution ensuring that the car sits perfectly on the road regardless of the conditions your driving. Plant your foot to the floor coming out of a heavy bend and the back end kicks out in pure driving poetry, the Quattro four wheel drive system kicks and ensures that the sideways motion is a thrill rather than a danger, the engine roar kicks in and off you go.

Out and out power is without a shadow of a doubt an aphrodisiac; the V10 R8 is a road going Viagra. 0- 62mph takes 3.9 seconds (the V8 takes 4.6) and powers all the way up to 197mph (V8 187mph), which to be frank, unless you're a racing superstar on the Le Mann's circuit, trying to attempt to reach the top speed will almost definitely end up with your stupid lifeless body being removed from the wreckage by firemen. Just remember, power is knowledge, have the knowledge to remember that your aren't an Audi racing driver, just a very wealthy and equally as lucky S.O.B who has the good fortune to be driving one of the best performance sports cars on the market.

Just in case you hadn't guessed by now - I'm a fan, I'm the biggest fan… So it's perfection, its beautiful, supremely stylish, almost everyone (bar the nutter in the corner drawing on the walls in crayon) wants one, there is only one problem with the new V10 R8 - I haven't got one!