Audi S3 Review

Whether it's A3 or S3 it wont disappoint, probably one of the best hatchbacks on the road. I've driven the facelifted S3 and Wow does it move lol, the motoring equivalent of random sex with the hottest guy in the club (you know what I mean and you've all done it so stop pouting!). Get into an S3, all be it the one I had was bright Orange, Jesus Audi your premium not Ford trying to shift the RS Focus to the Chav Army! But anyway I digress, it gives you a warm feeling and you also know with the S3 that everyone's going to hear you coming, look and admire, then call you something unsavoury as you leave them standing at the lights (oh the joy lol).

Exterior wise the S3 is as subtle as a house brick, big wheels, big exhaust big noise and sporty as a Fitlads profile (note I said looks, as most of the "sporty" lads on Fitlads are the wrong side of 40 to be wearing footy kits). The Interior is functional whilst looking the business and you do really feel like your in a premium sports hatch rather than a run of the mill "hot hatch".

Performance wise the S3 is top dog within the A3 range however don't overlook the 1.8T A3, god knows what Audi have done to that little 1.8T engine but the performance is stunning from such a baby engine and you'll leave many bigger engined cars standing with total shock.

The A3 / S3 is a beautiful looking car, it handles well, performance is second to none, build quality is outstanding, however they are pricey so don't expect a bargain because it's not going to happen. Yes you'll pay more but you'll get your moneys worth, if you cant afford new, then look for a low mileage 2-3yr, as long as it's got a full Audi service history you shouldn't have any worries.