Audi TT Coupe Review

The new TT has been a long time coming but it's finally here, longer, wider, higher, faster and to applause all round by the national motoring press. Is it a better car than out-going model though? Well I (never being one to go with the crowd) hated the previous TT with the same passion I have on reserve for Jude Law, should he ever come knocking on my door having seen the gay light and wanting to be helped gently and sweatily on the road to being a fully fledged homo. The old model in my opinion was an ugly cramped pain-in-the-arse-to-drive fairly unstable biscuit tin with about as much driver appeal as a suicide machine without the morphine (I didn't ever drive the 3.2 only ever the entry model). 

However the new one, well damn it I'm going to have to sort of run with the herd! It looks stunning and really turns heads it still has an ageless appeal and looks like it's straight out of i-robot. One new feature that not only ups the cool points but also improves the overall handling and grip over the old model is the speed sensitive retractable rear spoiler that fully deploys at higher speeds, helping the new TT stick to the road and cling to bends under more "adventurous" driving.

Inside it's welcomingly less retro than the old model and a far more grownup "Audi" dash and switchgear layout awaits you, then there's the sound system which is superb and really matches the image of the car well. The 2.0 TFSI is well equipped with full leather interior and 6sp Manual box as standard and already looking as though it will be the most popular of the two models. The range topping 3.2 Quattro also comes with 18" special alloys, Audi's amazing Quattro four wheel drive (the only car in it's class to offer four wheel drive), twin exhausts (one either side instead of both to the left as with the TFSI) chrome detail front lights, darker rear lights, upgraded leather and bigger disc brakes front and rear.

The 250bhp 3.2 model is quick with 0-62 in 5.7secs (s-tronic gearbox), a lot owing to it's hybrid aluminium space frame that makes it the lightest car of all the compact coupes in the market. So how does it stack up against the competition? Well the 3.2 Quattro is better equipped like for like (that four wheel drive as standard is going to hurt the competition!!) and it's over 2k cheaper than both the Z4 3.0 and the Merc SLK 280, much the same performance and I think it wipes the floor looks wise with both of them