Audi TT Roadster Review

Whether it's due to the lack of roof or because it arrived in a stunning Sahara grey. I'd like to think that the most impressive thing about the new Audi 1.8 TFSI is that if I didn't know how big the engine was, I'd be telling you how great Audi's new 2.0 litre turbo engine performs. The new 1.8 is the perfect example to prove that size really doesn't matter.

Styling hasn't changed at all and the roadster has always looked good whether the hood is up or down.  The model tested was an entry level, with a few added extras, the Sat Nav, Audi media manager and upgraded leather to name but a few.  Other than these few essential extras, the entry level TT is an impressive looking car, the Sahara grey finish turned heads and worked well with the deep olive green hood, a combination very few could pull off, the only thing missing was those signature led strips underneath the lights.  Interior styling is just as expected with any Audi, high quality finishes in black complete with the most comfortable suede and leather seats, a flat bottom sports steering wheel as standard and lovely little aluminium laser detailing. 

Performance is key to the TT, certainly a selling feature and something to impress the boys at the weekend. From turning the key the 1.8 is silent, having me double check it was running on a couple of occasions. Some complained that it had no character, however, I thought it gave it a sly advantage, especially when you put your foot down to hit 62mph in a quick 7.4 seconds, showing off your rear to all the competition.  Handling better than rent on all fours the TT is certainly capable, although without the spoiler up at higher speeds, it can feel a little wooly at times.

One feature I am particularly fond of is the integrated wind deflector that is operated by a simple switch, no pulling over to fix it in place, and being able to convert the hood up to about 25mph is such a boast. Feel safe in the knowledge looking sexy in this car isn't hard to do. Talking about taking the top off, the wind deflector is maybe a little too far back however does make a difference; just make sure the hair products are stored in the cavernous storage unit between the seats.

I really enjoyed driving the roadster and I would have one tomorrow, maybe one contention would be price but for a premium roadster you have to expect to pay the money. There is nothing better than the feeling of opening that hood on a sunny day, cranking up the stereo and singing your heart out to glee, which is exactly what I spent the last day doing (just maybe the Oracle shopping centre multi-story car park wasn't the place for it)