Bentley Azure T Review

The whole motoring industry, in fact the whole world, is financial on its arse.  However in these times of gloom and doom, I thought this month I'd check out one of the most expensive convertibles money, the stuff none of us have any of, can buy.  That being Bentley's monster drop top, the Azure.  The test car I had for a week cost more than a 4 bedroom detached house, at a whopping £230,000.

As motors go its exquisite, every little detail and touch is given the Bentley treatment.  From the solid Burr Oak Veneer to the thick high polished chrome, everything screams unadulterated luxury, class and sophistication.  The quality of the leather interior and suede roof lining gives the impression a cow-based genocide has taken place to ensure only the finest cow's bums go into this vehicle. 

The engine is on another level of engineering craftsmanship to everyday cars; the big 6L V8 Turbocharged lump in the front produces a mighty 450bhp.  This propels the two and a half goliath from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds and to a top speed of 171mph.  Cornering is out of this world, you seriously wouldn't think a car of this size and weight would be able to handle the way it does!   All that fabulous power comes at a price though; fuel consumption is at best scary and at worst laughable.  With a combined average of 14mpg posing round town to show off your new super convertible will be costly to say the least.   Not to mention city parking is less than a breeze, regardless of the parking sensors.  At 18ft long and 7ft wide you won't just be popping this land barge into your average supermarket parking bay.

When it comes to desirability driving the Azure is the equivalent of walking round with a host of naked male supermodels surrounding you, everyone and I mean absolutely everyone, male female, gay straight, old or young, EVERYBODY looks at you.  The attention the Azure brings becomes somewhat addictive, you find yourself having to 'pop out' for milk you don't need A LOT.

So it's hard to park, costs a fortune to buy, almost the same fortune to fuel, insure and maintain, and you'll spend your whole life petrified that something's going to happen to it the moment you leave it alone.  Its also fantastic to drive, a work of pure beauty and everyone wants to either be you or be with you.  So do I want one? With every pore of my being lol, driving this car makes you feel so amazing I can't put it into words.