Bentley Continental Flying Spur Review

As I write this review I shed a solitary tear, not because I've had a bad month or due to watching a chick flick where she dies at the end. Nor is it because the Bentley was rubbish or because I feel let down or unimpressed by the magnificent 6L twin turbo 552bhp land yacht. No, the reason I shed my tear is because at this very moment 1800 TU (the personalised number plate on my press car) is driving away from my house… without me in the driver's seat. 

So what is it that makes the GT Flying Spur so dear to my heart? Well for a kick off its one of the most beautiful and graceful cars to bless the road with its presence! It's also a true testament to Bentley's build quality and design, with scrumptiously thick two tone leather (even the roof lining is leather!) with stitching that runs perfectly matched to each other (seriously - I went through every stitch in the car and not one was out of line with another) and its solid dark wood inserts, it's perfection. I just wished my house was this opulent and luxurious. But the real reason the Bentley has warmed the cold empty space behind my pecs where a heart should be… the way driving it makes you feel.

Sat behind the steering wheel, with those silver wings and big white B smiling back at you, you feel special, not just because everybody looks and all your friends (even the ones that don't know a smart car from a Vodka and Coke) know its pure quality and style. You see that's the thing about the Spur, it's just pure unadulterated class and so ergo being behind the wheel of one ensures you feel like pure class.

Now those of you out there raising a tweezered eyebrow and muttering snob under your breath take note! Yes the GT Flying Spur's starting price is a massive £117,950, however it's more than just an expensive motor, you see this particular vehicle has a split personality…

Leave the gear stick of the 6sp auto box in the drive position and you have a wonderfully smooth powerful four door super saloon / limo, but, slip that stick down one slot into S for sport or across into manual paddle shift mode and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly your super luxury saloon has disappeared and you're at the wheel of a deafeningly loud 17ft long, 7ft wide 2.5 tonne precision-engineered sports monster capable of 0-62mph in a staggeringly quick 5.2 seconds. To give you an idea of just how quick that is… a Porsche 911 GT3 RS (the fastest production Porsche on the market) does 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds. But if pure acceleration speed isn't enough, the top speed of the Bentley is 195mph and the Porsche…192mph.

And before all you tree-hugging-tofu-eating-children-of-a-dying-world crowd start screaming about my carbon footprint and having a gas guzzling tank for a car, I drove the Flying Spur sensibly on a 100 mile round trip on the motorway and got 23 mpg (1mpg more than Bentley say you can get!!) and round town I was getting a modest 18mpg (2mpg more than
Bentley say!). 

So whether your cruising down the motorway at 70mph whilst getting a relaxing massage from
your heated massaging seats or roaring past the boy racer in the Porsche who thought you were some old duffer in a posh motor he could leave standing, it doesn't matter where you are, who you are or where your going, every single journey makes you feel amazing, every time you close the door (whichever side of the door you are) you just cant help but smile.. Would I buy one...? If I could afford it I'd be ordering one in a heartbeat, Mr Right thou hast a new name and it is Mr Spur, first name Flying.