Bentley Continental GTC Review

In the gay world we live in, only a small minority see bulk as beauty and heavy as heavenly, the vast majority believing that rock hard Abs and Delt's big enough to crack walnuts are the epitome of perfection. Well trust me, it doesn't come much bigger or heavier than the Bentley GTC, and this is one car that just oozes sex and sex appeal.

Yes I am aware that the media have made the GTC appear as if it has become the WAGS car de-jour, any of you raising an eyebrow in agreement either 1) haven't driven it or 2) haven't been inside it.

This is a seriously sexy car, from its gorgeously thick luxurious embossed leather seating to the deep shag pile, the interior screams upmarket sophistication and elegance. In fact Bentley have done a top-class job, everything inside giving you the feeling of being all powerful and in charge, qualities which nobody can deny would up the libido of a bromide doped castrated panda. For those of you in the know when it comes to motoring, if the words 'its actually only a VW phaeton' are passing your lips, EAT YOUR WORDS!, yes they may share around 17% of the same switchgear / parts. However if you think that the A/C unit, knobs, buttons and wiring loom mean they handle the same or feel remotely similar you're sadly mistaken. What the two cars do share is the mighty 6L W12 engine, but the Bentley's 550bhp twin turbocharged block ensures the GTC has an athletic 4.8sec 0-60mph sprint. Driving the GTC is just amazing, it really shifts, floor it and the acceleration in any gear is phenomenal and really takes your breath away.

For a drop-top motor the size of Fuerteventura, the GTC handles fantastically and is genuinely a joy to throw into bends and is poised through winding country roads. So how much is it going to cost for you to experience this luxury day in day out? The GTC is a snip at just over £130,000, and I don't care if Victoria Beckham or Colleen 'married shriek for the money' Rooney have a different GTC for every day of the week, I'd still buy one if I had the cash