BMW X6 Review

In the race to create the most cars in the smallest amount of time possible, I have to say Audi are making a lot of noise about the 42 models they will have by 2012.  However BMW are making sure they aren’t left behind, and have created a car that not only satisfies the need to feel better than everyone else on the road, but has given these driving divas a way to do it in style, with the added substance to back it up.

The X6 is considered a ‘Sports Activity Coupe’ (SAC), which means it’s a beefy 4x4 that is styled like a coupe - a successful attempt I’m sure you’ll agree.  Wider, lower and longer than its fellow sibling the X5, the X6 gives an overall more luxurious experience.  Accommodating 4 people rather than 5 maximises the comfort, as the two rear seats are individual separated by the armrest and centre console storage.  This might however be a little too coupe for the buyers moving across from the availability of 7 seats in the X5.  Personally, I would make as many trips back and forth that were needed, because not only does this car look great - it drives fantastically as well.

The 3.0L diesel kicks out an impressive 245bhp reaching 0-62 in a quick 7.5 seconds, and only 195g/km of CO2, which is impressive for a vehicle the size of a small county.  Handling is also second to none, with the Dynamic Stability Control keeping you planted firmly on the road through tight corners and sweeping bends.  So if nothing happens on the blind date your fag hag sent you on, at least you can rely on a great ride home, rather than the bedroom.

In addition to great handling and performance, the X6 has a surprisingly high mpg for a car its size.  Compared with the likes of Range Rover Sport and the Porsche Cayenne, the X6 is happy to cruise down the motorway achieving up to 45 miles to the gallon, and still commanding respect as a German giant.  Saying that, it is hard to compare the monster coupe with anything else, as there’s nothing like it on the market.

Time to talk tech, something the Beemer isn’t short of.  From satellite navigation to all those initials that keep you safe while your showing off, the X6 comes as standard with Hill Start, Cruise Control, Rain Sensor and Auto Headlights, Xenon dipped and full beam with Auto Levelling, Daytime Running Lights and Chrome everywhere to mention but a few.  Last but not least Parking Sensors for the more ‘distracted’ of drivers and an mp3 auxiliary jack to pump out your tunes while your posing about town.

Lastly I should mention the price.  For this amount of luxury you’d expect to be paying a premium even above that of the premium SUV’s on the market.  However, for only £1500 more than an X5 you can have an X6 which makes the coupe a nice alternative rather than a different car altogether.  Starting at over £46,000 the X6 is definitely a luxury, a little more expensive than the Cayenne Diesel, but less compared to its Range Rover counterpart.

Overall, I fell in love with this new hybrid of svelte styling on a beefcake of a body, and I can’t wait to see what the real competition will be up against it.  Something we can definitely look forward to, as a contender, will be the Range Rover LRX Concept, as that should also fall into the ‘SAC’ category that BMW seem to have set a very high benchmark for.