Chevrolet Spark Review

Athens, possibly the busiest city I’ve ever driven through, and I have come to find out who buys mopeds other than 16-year-old boys – the Greeks.  I can see the Acropolis all lit up to the left of me, a rooftop swimming pool on my right, and a free bar in front.  But how did I get to this stunning surround full of blurring lights and the buzzing sound of motorists?  Well it all began with a Spark…

…So, where to begin with the newest addition to the Chevrolet family?  Well it’s cheaper than most of its competition, I’d say roomier, and looks like something out of Transformers…oh wait, that’s where I’ve seen it before!

Born from a group of concept cars that Chevrolet presented for public opinion, the Spark is something of a consumer created machine.  With it’s styling, nearly identical to the concept piece; it looks like it’s been reversed out of the future, for you to drive right back into it.  The front end is beefy and means business, whereas the back features a cheeky set of lights and a spoiler to give the little city car a racing feel.

Inside the Spark carries the same unique styling, a V shaped dash and centre console makes the cockpit easy to navigate and the blue glow from the components keep the theme of ‘sparks’ and ‘light’ very apparent, highlighting the interior and making the cabin very driver friendly at night.

Moving underneath the bonnet and the choice of engines...  I tested both the 1.0L and the 1.2L engines, in LT specification.  The 1.2 would be my preference, purely for performing purposes, as both engines reach the same economy figures and keep CO2 below 120g/km.  Nippy and quicker than most small cars, Chevrolet have really paid attention when creating this little pocket rocket.  Engaging and fun, the Spark is a breath of fresh air when it comes to city driving.  Even on the motorway, the Spark happily sat cruising, while keeping planted and comfortable.  Deceptively tall, the Spark handles well through corners and is tight and composed.

The Spark is unfortunately not going to be bought by racer types or people who want to drift round a track, although I would imagine it would be quite at home sat on one.  Instead it is being aimed at ‘first car’ owners, and the younger generation, but this can only be good news, as it comes jam packed full of bells and whistles to show off to your mates, at a price that’s a bit more realistic than some.  The LT is top spec and includes Climate Control, Chrome Highlights, Silver Effect Roof Rails, ABS, ESC and even Mini-USB input to connect your iPod and cruise to your favourite tunes - All that for just £10,485.

In all, the Spark is a great little car, compared to its competition it benefits from 5 doors not 3, and 5 seats not 4.  The generation ready systems it has in place are also a great boast for Chevrolet, plus ‘it’s that one out of that film Transformers 2’ which is ‘street cred’ itself, before you even start showing off its great features.  A true city car as they should be, the Spark is not only nippy and neat when it needs to be, but also sees fit for the practical purposes that the ‘now’ generation require cars to achieve.  Well done to Chevrolet, since becoming more independent, you’ve launched a truly impressive car to show everyone what you’re really about.