Chrysler 300C

You know that as a child when you played dressy-up, or in the case of many of us threw our mum's heels on and mimed into the hairbrush to Madge or Kylie, perhaps you played Doctors and Doctors or cowboys and cowboys even. Either way the point I'm attempting to make is that at some point in life, 90% of us have thrown a costume on and had fun pretending to be someone we're not (unless you set up bank accounts in the assumed name, in which case that's not playing pretend its fraud lol).

Now imagine that every time you get in a car it's like putting a costume on… That's exactly what the 300C does to you. Every time you walk up to those big 20" alloys, open that big heavy door and then cosset yourself away into that soft leather interior, every time you start that big beefy 3L diesel engine and hear that fantastic exhaust kick out a deep roar that you're instantly transformed into the head of the mafia, you're no longer just some gay guy going to Waitrose for a pint of milk, your Al Capone on your way to take out a rival gangster.

In a world where we have to be serious and grown up all the time, I love that fact that I've found a car that makes me feel like I'm having fun every time I get in it. The 300C looks like a mob car, it's a huge land yacht (it doesn't fit in normal supermarket spaces without putting up a fight) it has the turning circle of Istanbul, and it looks harder than a drunk drag queen brandishing pool balls in a sock. I managed to put 3 people in the boot alone, it's that massive!

Performance wise its great to drive, it handles corners well, yes there's some body roll but nothing that's too worrying, the acceleration from the big 215bhp 3L diesel unit under that gargantuan bonnet is superb with 0-60mhp taking just over 7secs. Not only is it quick, its fairly economical as well returning 42mpg on the motorway, so you wont be killing tree's just by starting it either.

Its kitted up to the nines and the list of standard equipment is just too long to put in the review, one of the most amazing things about this motor is the price: £32,505 OTR!

I love it, it's a bargain for the money, drive it and you'll love it too.